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No honeymoon for Benedict XVI

Hugh Hewitt surveys the media reaction to the election of Pope Benedict XVI and offers this observation:

The refusal of even a single day’s honeymoon for the new pope from the scribblers of the left tells us a lot about the folks who work on editorial boards, and also a lot about diversity in America’s newsrooms. Are there even five traditional, Mass-attending and confession-going writers among the five editorial boards sampled above? Is there even one who would step forward to defend the Church’s teaching on human dignity and sexuality? There are tens of millions of American Catholics full of joy at yesterday’s news, but do they have any voice within elite MSM at all?

There may be some who attend Mass and even go to confession, but traditional? Heh.

He offers a list of blogs faithful Catholics can consult, to which I would add the orthodox and ecumenical
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A concerted campaign against Ratzinger by the "junior officers of the dictatorship of relativism" (hat tip: Hugh Hewitt) is clearly underway. Defending Ratzinger the man and Ratzinger’s views should be the NUMBER ONE priority of conservative intellectuals at this time. First impressions are important. We must do what we can to minimize the damage that the liberal establishment, especially the insufferably smug liberal Catholic establishment, does to this good man.

Benedict XVI knows how deep a hole we are in. He knows that conservatives of all kinds are dissenters, resisters, a beleaguered minority. We must hope that he finds the strength to continue preaching strength in the face of what is absolutely certain to be a powerful campaign against him. But some of that strength must come from us. The new pope is one of the few really effective conservative leaders in the world today. All conservatives, of any religion or none at all, owe him a robust and consistent defense.

I am.

I work for a more "conservative" newspaper (not one of the five listed by Hewitt), but even in our newsroom, I can assure you that ideological diversity is virtually nonexistent. I know of just two employees in the newsroom, myself included, who voted for Bush. To the best of my knowledge, there are only a handful of employees who attend church regularly (two go to a predominantly black Pentecostal church, two attend an Episcopalian church, and the head editor and I go to a Catholic parish). Five employees, out of a newsroom much larger than that.

Clearly, newsrooms don’t reflect America as a whole.

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