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Romeo’s Pizza

I would like to extend my belated congratulations to Sean Brauser and Romeo’s Pizza in Medina, Ohio, for winning "Best Gourmet Pizza in America." Brauser has also won multiple awards -- including “Best Pizza in the Midwest” in both 2002 and 2004 -- for his concoction the Butcher Shop, an impressive feast that includes five different meats. Brauser and the Butcher Shop were featured in The Food Network’s "Pizza Battle," which aired nationally throughout March. I know that I speak for more than one member of NLT when I say that anyone who lives in or near Medina and has not yet tried Romeo’s should certainly do so.

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Dear Larry,
thank’s for spreading the word about Romeo’s. I’ve never eaten there but it sounds delicious. I spoke to my manager about their pizza and we plan to have them deliver to our next office staff meeting. Thanks for the heads up!

Wow! The "Butcher Shop" has pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and meat balls. I’ve been to steakhouses in Brazil that have a smaller meat selection.

Is it true that Sean Brauser, the architect of Romeos’ victory in the Best Gourmet Pizza in America Contest, is speaking at Ashbrook on April 22?

Mr. Obhof is correct. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of sampling Romeo’s delectable pie, and I must say, it even gives Papa John’s a run for its money. Keep up the good work fellas!

I’ll give them a try, but I must note that ALL of the best pizzas I’ve ever had were at independent pizza shops, not franchises (certainly not Papa John’s! It’s good, but far from great.) Romeo’s has 2 locations, but I see they’re chomping at the franchise bit to expand and grow like a cancer. Expect the standard diminution of quality as this occurs...

Bob, your sweeping Marxist critique of corporate pizza is unwarranted. Papa John’s uses "Better Ingredients" to make "Better Pizza." That’s documented fact, and it doesn’t change just because they have more than one store. If Papa John’s is a cancer, then whatever you do don’t remove my feeding tube!

In my opinion, a man cannot achieve "a mature understanding of his own humanity" without first sampling the Butcher Block.

Hey Guys!

I just stumbled accross this website today and was amazed and humbled by all of the awesome comments about Romeo’s Pizza. I’m so excited to see the potential growth of our company, and this kind of page makes it all worth while!

Thanks for props!

Sean Brauser
Romeos Pizza

Every item I’ve tried from Romeo’s amazes me! They have a potatoe pizza with onions and almonds. If you have a chance try it. I’m realizing how lucky I am to live close!!

this pizza is soo good, i have the greatest job ever working there!!!

I heard about Romeo’s pizza on the Food Network and was soooooo disappointed that Cleveland is not more proud of its accomplishments. We should have EVERYONE that lives in the northeast Ohio area talking about how we have the Best Pizza Winner in contests...not only in the U.S., but around the World! Start bragging about yourself Cleveland!!

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