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Schiavo as a campaign issue

Howard Dean sauys that the Demos will make the Schiavo case into a campaign issue, right after they deal with Social Security.

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Why is it a scandal when the media falsely reports that "Republican leadership" sees this as a "good issue" for Republicans, but when the Democratic party leader actually says his party will use it as a campaign tool, the media is dead silent? Howard Dean is a ghoul, and so are his acolytes in the MSM.

Nice twisting of reality, Ohio Voter. What Dean is clearly talking about is using REPUBLICAN POLITICAL EXPLOITATION OF TERRI SCHIAVO, and their (Republicans) blatant, shameless grandstanding in the case to capture votes from people who were disgusted by the Repubs in that whole affair. Republicans tried (albeit unsuccessfully) to use Terri Schiavo herself as a campaign tool for the GOP. Dean wants to tap into Americans’ understandable disgust for what the Republicans did. Dean wants to use the Republican-created Schiavo CASE as a tool.

Terek, you are full of it. One staffer wrote an ill-conceived memo, and the MSM was all over it. Remember the memo about filibustering judicial appointments (where Kennedy slaved himself to NOW and other such organizations)? A brief mention at most.

And "Republicans" didn’t make poor Mrs. Schiavo a "case." Her parents, in desperation, appealed to right to life groups who in turned publicized it. And you know what? I hope Howard "AARRGGHHHHH" Dean makes it a campaign issue...yet another thing that will backfire on Democrats and their tin ears.

Terek, by "REPUBLICAN POLITICAL EXPLOITATION," are you referring to the bill that passed the Senate unanimously?! Get a grip. Elected leaders of both parties voted overwhelmingly for that bill. So which is it? Do all Democratic Senators agree with Tom Delay? If so, perhaps Dean should try to better represent his constituency. If not, you are saying that the Democrats all voted for a bill that they did not believe in. It seems to me that if that is the case, the ads Dean is taking about will only emphasize the Democrats’ lack of strong leadership and penchant for rank opportunism.

Like I said. Dean is a ghoul.

I sure wouldn’t make a good political strategist. I mean, I rather think it’s better not to telegraph your strategies to your opponents. No?

In fact, I think that was one of Dean’s bigger mistakes in his risible presidential candidacy: he spent lots of time telling reports what his strategies and tactics were.

I guess I just wouldn’t be no good as DNC chairman. :-)

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