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Update on Ward Churchill

Brandon Crocker provides an update on the University of Colorado’s investigation of Ward Churchill.

The University has found that "the allegations of research misconduct, related to plagiarism, misuse of other’s work and fabrication, have sufficient merit to warrant further inquiry."

The University of Colorado,however, will not dismiss Churchill for saying that "more 9/11s are necessary." And George W. Bush thinks that all non-whites are "sub-human."
Brandon Crocker continues: ’While it is all well and good that the University of Colorado is taking a hard look at these allegations, why isn’t it going to touch the 800-pound gorilla -- the question of Mr. Churchill’s academic merit? "Appropriately," Chancellor DiStefano claims, "we in academe are held to high standards of integrity, competence, and accuracy" but then goes on to say that the University cannot make any judgment on Mr. Churchill’s value to the University based on Mr. Churchill’s writings or speeches (i.e. his "scholarship") -- no matter how "egregious" or "as strongly as we may reject the substance of those remarks." That would be a violation of "academic freedom." ’

In a speech at the University of Colorado,the mild-mannered and soft-spoken Rudy Giuliani explains why he thinks Ward Churchill should not be allowed to teach again.

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Giuliani compared Churchill to a geography teacher who believed the world is flat. "He’s entitled to that opinion, but you don’t want him to be teaching geography, do you?" Giuliani asked, adding, "If it were my school, I wouldn’t want him teaching my kids."

Comment: Churchill is not a teacher; he’s a preacher. Preachers don’t need evidence. Why does Colorado hire preachers?

Academics hire preachers because they want to hear things that please them and reaffirm their secular faith. In short, they are not professionals but religionists. I’m afraid that thousands of academics, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, are dedicated narcissists. If the world doesn’t reflect their prejudices then they will wall themselves off and talk to themselves (and damn the rest of society as being too stupid or selfish to understand the need to change).

On second thought, maybe the university is the best place for such people. It warehouses them and restricts the damage they can do.

How very wonderfully post-modern of the university chancellor to say that academic freedom means that the college will make sure he has the right number of publications in the right journals, but it has absolutely no ability to distinguish between noble ideas and those that are truly dispicable. True, one needs to be careful of a double-edged sword, but have we lost the inability to make any judgments? Don’t become so open-minded that your brains spill out of your head!

Hey Mickey,

I noticed that you posted a link to a NewsMax page. How about also posting a link once in a while from my pals at Talon News? They are just as "fair and balanced"(TM, FoxNews) as NewsMax, if you know what I mean!

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