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Bush Apologizes for Yalta

For many, the Yalta agreement, forged by FDR, Staliln and Churchill was a terrible concession to the Soviet tyranny.

Anne Applebaum writes about the apology George Bush issued on his recent trip to Europe to the nations of eastern Europe for the Yalta agreement.

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These days I feel the necessity of declaring, up front, that I am neither Democrat nor Republican and neither liberal nor conservative. I do not find the distinctions useful.

I read Bush’s Latvia speech and found no apology. I recommend finding "apology" in the dictionary.

I am continually amazed at the news media folks inability to present accurate and/or nuetral information. For the consumer, it matters little whether the product is intentional or from incompetance, the result is false information.

Bush described what happened, at WWII’s end, and concluded that it should not
have happened. He did not express regret nor ask for pardon. The speech was about fixing errors and not mea culpa.

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