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Janice Rogers Brown and affirmative action

Buried in this article about Janice Rogers Brown is this statement:

[Bishop Harry] Jackson, who led the pro-Brown rally Thursday, said [that in writing an opinion striking down a minority contracting program] Brown was just interpreting the law [Proposition 209] passed by California voters. But [Rev. Amos] Brown of the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco said it demonstrated hypocrisy because "she got to where she is" because of affirmative action.

Rev. Brown’s "logic" demands not only results-oriented jurisprudence, but requires every alleged beneficiary of affirmative action to support its perpetuation. There is no time at which any such person would be permitted to oppose it. Should his side win,
Sandra Day O’Connor’s opinion in Grutter, which at least foresees a time when affirmative action wouldn’t be necessary, would be consigned to the dustbin of history. May I not live so long.

Hat tip: the indispensable How Appealing.

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