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Law schools and student groups again

Ken Masugi takes us back to first principles with respect to a case on which I posted here. Ken admits that his arguments are unlikely to prevail in the courts, which I agree is unfortunate. But perhaps it’s time, not just for legal pressure but also for political pressure. I wonder what California (and other) state legislators think about law schools that in effect take sides in the culture war? While positive support for traditional religion and morality might be "too much to ask," couldn’t state legislators tell public universities to cease and desist from effectual hostility?

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The Christian legal society at Ohio State College of Law brought suit against OSU because OSU’s guidelines required CLS to admit homosexuals, fornicators, etc. OSU settled this fall and exempted religious groups from the student group guidlines. This greatly upset gay/lesiban students and many law professors. So far this year we have had buttons, t-shirts fund raisers, dialogues, letters written by professors. It has not been fun. I think I am at ground zero. I am hoping that next year calms down but doubt it will. I was rather shocked that the law school did not teach better Constitutional Law, but when I brought it up with a professor I was told that the college ought to push Con Law, and merely settled because the 6th Circuit would rule against them (in other words, what OSU did was unconstitution unless the college could find some judge to invent new law that it was acceptable, but because they could not find such a judge they gave up)

Hey, at least OSU *has* a Christian Legal Society. The same cannot be said for the law school I attend (although we do have a branch of the "Law Students for Choice" and other similarly oriented groups).


Where do you go? Hopefully you are about to become a 2L.

I have my final exam (Constitutional Law) tomorrow, and then I am free for the summer. I am very excited to get away from OSU for the summer.

Hey, Steve, I didn’t know that you were at OSU or about the CLS case down there. My former roommate here at Akron Law transferred to Southern Illinois this year and is a member of the CLS at SIU. The university revoked its student organization status early this semester for just the reasons you stated. The CLS there filed suit maybe a month ago. Now a buddy of mine here is planning to start a CLS chapter. Hopefully nobody will cause us any trouble, but I’m not that optimistic.

1L, law school is only going to get better from here. Try starting your own CLS chapter or pro-life organization next year, if you’re up to a challenge.

All right, I’ve got to study for my own Con Law exam tomorrow. Maybe I’ll learn something that’ll help out in these matters. In the meantime, freedom at 1:00 on Friday -- Yeah! is an advanced online roommate finding service. Search our large database, post your own ad. Features 100% free roommate classifieds.

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