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The license plates on one of the two new Mercedes carrying Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones’ banner here in the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Memorial Day parade.

The Congresswoman didn’t make an appearance, allowing the cars, banners, and well-chosen vanity plates to speak for her.

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I could only imagine the outcry if a Republican used two Mercedes and a slogan like that.

I don’t think there’d be any outcry from the bloggers and fans of NoLeftTurns. Which makes me wonder, what exactly is the problem with the "money talks" message, in your eyes?? Is it because it’s on a Dem car? Please...

I thought it was self-explanatory. But then again, the Dems do receive a far greater share of the vote among the wealthy, so maybe you are glad that when money talks Tubbs-Jones listens.

I’m not exactly sure what those license plates on that car are supposed to say or prove about Congresswoman Tubbs-Jones. Do you even know if it was HER car or not, or just someone who wanted to haul her around during the parade??

If you want to consider a more substantive matter about "money talks," why not address the issue of the NW Ohio Bush ’04 campaign manager Tom Noe and the "coingate" scandal, involving the ripoff of funds from injured Ohio workers, lost or stolen investment coins and dirty campaign contributions?? The whole thing stinks so much that even President Bush has returned Noe’s campaign contributions, but it’s still not rotten enough for Gov. Gropinator to return the money he got from Noe. Sorry, I’m not sure if there’s a scandalous license plate or bumper sticker to report in all of this...

I wonder if Dr. Schramm knows anything about this Noe fellow...

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