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More on the Filibuster Deal: Graham and DeWine Off the Hook?

Last night, Major Garrett reported on ’Special Report with Brit Hume’ that Lindsay Graham and Mike DeWine were dispatched to join the twelve Senators who were trying to avoid the showdown on judicial filibusters by the White House and Majority Leader Bill Frist. Why? The White House and Frist weren’t sure they had the fifty votes to change the rules. Why? According to the report, they didn’t know how Arlen Spector would vote. Without Spector’s vote they didn’t have the fifty votes needed to allow Vice President Cheney to cast the tie-breaking vote. So Graham and DeWine were sent to cut the best deal they could get.

Go here to see the Fox News Report. Once at, you have to go over to the right hand side of the screen to ’Fox News Access Free Video’ and click on ’Politics’ and then click on the ’Behind the Scenes’ story.

Spector still says, in the report, that he will not reveal his position on the Constitutional or Nuclear option.

DeWine indicated that part of the deal was that filibustering Saad and Myers is not a deal breaker.

So I think Hayward is right that the GOP is stronger following the 2004 election but they still don’t seem to have a reliable 50 votes when it comes to judicial nominations. Remember Spector voted against Bork.

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Go here to see the Fox News Report. Once at, you have to go over to the right hand side of the screen to ’Fox News Access Free Video’ and click on ’Politics’ and then click on the ’Behind the Scenes’ story.

Well, I couldn’t find the Spector/Republican/Stupid Party sellout and betrayal story, but that one on the Hooter gals was great! :)

So can somebody please explain to me again why "Darlin’ Arlen" [sic] was allowed become chairman of the Judiciary Committee?

he dems know what all rank and file supporters should know about the repubs-they dont have any spine. They say “knock this chip off my shoulder, and then we will hurt you!” then do ZILCH but make empty threats. Now, they, just 72 hours after promising not to, make FOOLS of the repub majority by daring them to invoke the nuke option, KNOWING the wimps will take it, again and again. They know no consequences exist, the repubs threaten, but never deliver. Even when they break their word in minutes, the claims made by frist and other repubs like L Graham on conservative talk shows are meaningless, and the dems KNOW THIS. Thats why this keeps happening. Blood in the water. The dems, a huge minority, have more USED power than the repubs!!! And its all due to the refusal of repub “conservatives” to act and call bluffs. Know wonder their milk money keeps getting taken…

Comment by disgusted with repubs who I will not

I think the Republicans looked weak after the debacle of the so called "nuclear option". The Dems basically got what they wanted-the ability to filibuster any future nominees to SCOTUS. They will find any "extraordinary" reason to filibuster. I’ll be shocked if they actually give an up or down vote on Pres. Bush’s future nominees to the federal appeals and supreme courts. I don’t remember the Republicans filibustering Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Stephen Breyer. Both were confirmed to the US Spreme Court. The Republican senators need to listen to the voters that put them in the majority status. They need to act like the majority party.

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