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Senator Richard Lugar predicted on the Sunday talk shows that John Bolton would be confirmed when the Foreign Relations Committee meets on Thursday. Lugar predicts that all ten Republicans will vote for Bolton and that all eight Democrats will vote against Bolton.

What do you think? Pick One.

A)Bolton wins approval of the Committee.

B)Hagel decides to vote no.

C)Chaffee decides to vote no.

D)Voinovich decides to vote no.

E)The vote is postponed.

I think the temptation to become a media darling will be too great for one or more of these Republicans.

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Voinovich is a disservice to the great people of Ohio.

F - Murkowski, and possibly Voinovich and Chafee, vote no.

Murkowski is a crook. I can’t believe her father appointed her to the Senate. Are there really no qualified leaders in the whole state that are not in Mr. Murkowski’s immediate family? Doubtful.

I only hope that all senators D & R vote with integrity and honesty on the basis of qualifications and ability to do the job well and not along party lines. (I know - that would be asking way too much)

I respect Senator Voinovich for stating his concerns and wanting to investigate what he must have seen as serious charges and a possible incompentency in the candidate.

Ohio Voter - I believe you’re right that her father appointed her, but I think she did win in an election in ’04 - the Bush people would call that an overwhelming mandate.

Voinovich didn’t know anything about the charges against Bolton. When he showed up for the vote, he said it was the first time he had heard any of the criticisms. He missed committee hearings for two weeks prior to the scheduled vote and apparently had not watched t.v. or read a single newspaper in the interim. That is not worthy of respect.

Voinovich will toe the line, and Chafee already said he would- I’d take him at his word on this one. Hagel, welllllll quite a different story........

Turns out that Voinovich passes, but not before he talks like John Kerry about our diminished "standing" in the world community. What a horse’s ass...

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