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On the WaPo op-ed page, John McCandlish Phillips, a former Timesman, questions the WaPo/NYT orthodoxy concerning conservative evangelicals and Catholics. While reading MoDo is, he confesses, "one of life’s guilty pleasures for me," she, Krugman, Rich, and others have gone off the deep end in their columns about religion in America.   

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Those poor right-wing radical evangelicals, getting a bad name.

Check this out Lovely place.

While I will not condone, justify, or agree with the vilification of those on the right as being theocrats, I do understand the stategical motiviation the left has for doing so. Many issues the right espouses are rhetorically supported by the use of such themes as morality and religion, instead of arguing the merits of said points from a secular viewpoint.

Consider Abortion - Calling it murder plays into the left’s hands. Why not cite the 10th ammendment as the real reason to overturn Roe v. Wade, and kick the debate back into the halls of state government?

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