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"Theocracy" at the Air Force Academy?

Jonathan Chait argues that that is an apt description of life at the Air Force Academy, and perhaps a preview of life in the U.S., should the religious right get its way. Unsurprisingly, he accepts, without question, the MSM portrayal of events in Colorado Springs. Here’s a different take:

In other words, at the heart of this controversy is the traditional Christian teaching that salvation is found through Jesus Christ alone and that believers are supposed to witness to other people about this belief.

This is, in other words, an offensive-speech case. It is highly likely that there are macho born-again types who are witnessing to other cadets and making them upset. If that gets out of hand, they need to be slapped down. But they are allowed — under faith-in-the-workplace rules — to talk about their faith. Others have an equal right to tell them to shut up.

Terry Mattingly, the author of this commentary, took the Pew typology questionnaire, and discovered that he was a "conservative Democrat", not some sort of religious right fanatic.

Other interesting results, by the way, from the comments section of Mattingly’s post on the Pew Survey are that Jeremy Lott is "disaffected" and that Rod Dreher is a "social conservative."

For other well-informed (unlike Chait’s) commentary on the USAFA situation, go here.

Update: Ken Masugi has still more here.

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