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V***** but No P**** Monologues at Roger Williams University

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry when reading this. Where’s Aristophanes or Shakespeare (Tom Wolfe won’t quite do) when you need him.

If you are sending a child to college soon, you should read this. If you are sending a child to college soon, you’re more likely to cry after reading it. In any event, it seems College administrators at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island who give every kind of support to sponsorship of the ’Vagina Monologues’ and related workshops and advertising, can’t tolerate the ’Penis Monologues’ as an alternative. Here’s Christina Hoff Sommers report from ’National Review OnLine.’

Roger Williams University is only one of hundreds of Colleges who sponsor the ’Vagina Monologues’ and related activity across the country.

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I thought affirmative action bake sales were a great idea but this beats all. Ridicule is the best response to PC insanity.

Is there a list of universities/colleges that have replaced Valentine’s Day with this travesty? I’d sure like to see it!

I always thought "monologue" was an appropriate part of the title. How else to label the feminist, brown-skirt echo chamber?

Cry if you must, but a person would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh out loud at "Testaclese reclining on a couch reading Michael Barone’s Hard America, Soft America."

I don’t really know what material is involved with the Penis Monologues, since I couldn’t download the entire pdf file from the Roger Williams Young Republicans site (I know there’s a broadway play of the same name, but this seems to be something different).

This reminds me of that film "Michael Moore Hates America." The film supposedly attacked Moore for his un-American attitude and less-than-honest filmmaking tactics, but in reality employed the same flawed techniques used by Moore in "Fahrenheit 9/11," except it was much less convincing and came off a shoddy copy. From reading the excerpts on the site, the Penis Monologues seem to be about the same idea as that. Perhaps that’s the point, though?

Might I add that I support neither The Vagina Monologues nor Moore.

The Penis Monologue is brilliant!!!!
The low life morons who support the Vagina Monologue deserve a bit of their own medicine served up P.R. (the opposite of PO)

This hilarious send up needs to make the rounds. Where is the instalanche? Where are the horsemen of the ablogalypse? Where is Horowitz?

I don’t get it. What’s wrong with Vagina Monologues? Or Penis Monologues? Why is any of this important?

I agree there is nothing wrong with the Penis Monolog or the Vangina Monologs. I fervently look forward to the anal monologs and the blowjob monologs coming to a campus near you. The imagination knows no bounds. You know that the frontal lobes do not mature before the age of 25 to 30, so hitting the kids at college age is diabolically clever. No wonder you see a marked ideological shift between the ages of 20 and 40 among intelligent people.

I attended Roger Williams during the controversial introduction of the Penis Monologues. What most people were not aware of is that the College Republics at RWU are notorious for skewing stories with hatred and slander in their issues of the Right Eye. Their articles tend to be less political and more pointed towards degrading women, homosexuals, and minorities (remember the Whites Only Scholarship? That was the work of College Republicans.) It seems evident that their priority is to attract more attention than respect from readers of their publications. Their idea to perform the Penis Monologues at RWU was a direct attempt to insult Eve Ensler and the patrons of the Vagina Monologues. Their goal was not to educate people about violence towards men or to help men to become comfortable with their bodies, as the Vagina Monologues attempt to do with women, but rather to mock the sincerity of Eve Ensler’s play all while laughing at the prospect of celebrating womanhood through the Vagina Monologues.

please get the facts straight. The vagina monologues supports local efforts to end domestic violence and abuse against women and girls. The profits from their shows go to local organizations that help end violence against women. The only thing the penis monologues aim to do is to inflame the issue of "freedom of speech" by attempting to circumvent the proper channels of discourse, thereby making themselves look like a bunch of crybabies. Maybe if they stopped sitting around spending mommy and daddy’s money and opened their eyes, they’d realize there is a whole world outside the windows of their humvees.

I know so many women who were sexually abused by men at very young ages. And most of them did not know how to talk about it until they were much older - like in college. Hearing other women share their stories allowed them to not feel so alone. Sexual violence is a reality, and the Vagina Monologues talks about this reality.

Not talking about violence will not make it go away. Anyone with a sister or mother or daughter should care about this violent trend in our culture and do what we can to erradicate it.

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