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A note on the Durbin apology

Robert Novak asserts that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley instrumental in forcing Senator Durbin to apologize:

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin may never have apologized for his remarks about the Guantanamo detention camp had his fellow Democrat, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, not described his comments as a ’’disgrace.’’

Durbin did not personally call Daley, but his frantic staffers were on the phone to the mayor’s office Tuesday asking that Daley tone down or even retract what he said. Daley made clear he would do no such thing. Durbin’s staffers claimed that the senator’s expression of regret the previous Friday should suffice, but the mayor insisted on a full-fledged apology.

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... but the mayor insisted on a full-fledged apology. Which, of course, Durbin never did get around to, save for saying he was sorry that some folks found what he had said to be offensive. It was sorta like a nine-year old having been caught using foul language by his father, and responding by telling him that he felt badly that his dad might have been upset at what he heard... but secretly knowing how it sure felt great saying #!!@%#!!

I agree, Marc. I’m still waiting for Durbin to do the right thing and actually apologize, as well as for the rest of the Senate Democrats to do the right thing and tell him it’s time for him to resign his post in their leadership.

I predict that I will have to keep waiting. I also predict that many voters will remember Durbin’s scurrilous remarks come November 2006.

Ah yes, come election time GOP strategists need to stress.........Richard el-Turban (Al-Jazeera, IL)

Well, maybe Durbin didn’t give as whole-hearted an apology as we’d like, but good for Daley for standing up and telling Durbin to behave himself!

I don’t recall where I heard it, but I did hear something about Daley having a son who recently enlisted. If true, I am quite sure that that had much to do with his perspective on Durbin’s remarks.

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