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Durbin’s non-apology

There are a lot of stories about Dick Durbin and his so-called apology (Was this an apology Trent Lott could have given?). Although he will not be
censured by the Senate, not everyone is happy about his so-called apology. One calls it icky, and another says that’s not enough and his fellow Democrats should remove him from his leadership position. Hugh Hewitt has more.

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Ya know what we OUGHT to do to Durbin?? We ought to put a black hood over his head, make him stand on a box, clamp electrical connectors to his fingertips...and then.....

Good one, troll.

Enough already with the "troll" nonsense. Any comment that’s sarcastic and not made by a member of your regular cast of George Bush acolytes is branded a troll. Camden could be called a troll because of his obsession with off-topic issues like Batman, but Dick Durbin HAS been an issue here, so comments about that subject (be they sarcastic or otherwise) are relevant.

"Good one troll, good one troll..." it gets old.

Yes, and all these wonderful comments of late (Howard Dean, anyone?) from members of the Party of the Tolerants. I think it’s time for them to just get over the fact the lost another election. Last time I checked, we STILL had duly elected officials governing our country...OH...RIGHT...they LOST therefore the fix was in so everything is open for criticism and scandal. Has Durbin ever BEEN to one of the Nazi death camps?

That’s some great rambling, Jennifer.

I don’t think we should do anything to Durbin the Turban. Let him was even a mistake to let him apologize. Liberals are self-liquidating if given the chance...a natural tendency given all the contradictory mush inside their brain cases.

"Durbin the Turban"??? WHAT??!!?? I’ve just made a note to myself that your comments here are to be read strictly for entertainment purposes. You’re just a banal partisan, nothing more.

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