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Europe collapse in anger and shame

The New York Times, the BBC, and the Washington Post all agree that the European summit has collapsed and that the future is bleak. A compromise over the budget couldn’t be reached.
Chirac objected to "the British check", and blames Britain for the "serious crisis," while Blair wanted reform. "Most embarrassing for the European Union was an attempt by its 10 newest members to salvage the budget agreement late last night. They offered to give up some of their own aid from the union so that the older and richer members could keep theirs." (NY Times) Behind all this is the deeper ideological dispute, with the New Europe (and Denmark) wanting freer trade, and free movement of labor, while the Old wants to avoid the "Anglo-Saxon economic model" by preserving socialism and the welfare state. The Old Europeans don’t understand that if they want to become a superpower they have to work for it. Look for a better relationship between the New European countries, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., with some from the Old bloc jumping aboard, including Denmark and Italy. Alliances are forming. Das ist alles, baby. Thirty years from now, the rest of Europe will be backwater.

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Surely, Peter, there are a few sensible people left in Old Europe? Certainly they will gain some power as things go from bad to worse? I can’t imagine any country in western Europe actually tolerating socialist cancer for 30 years! Surely they will have a sea change in their politics before the great Fall.

Dain: Of course, it seems impossible that there aren’t some (vide even someone as important as Sarkozy in France) sensible people. But, I confess to be unusually pissimistic about Old Europe because I (think) I know something about their habits that keeps telling me that they will not change. I don’t mean just those habits associated with the welfare state, but habits of the heart that make them into folks who don’t want to stretch themselves, unambitious, and without goals. There is a spiritual crisis in OE, and it has been building for 100 years, at least. They opened the door long ago, and are walking through it. But, of course, you are right...human beings can turn on a dime. I think of Britain before Thatcher, for example. I do hope for the best.

30 years from now most of Europe will be an Islamic backwater.


They’ve tolerated Socialism Lite rather longer than 30 years.

Yes, Ed, but like any progressive disease 30 MORE years will be much worse than the last 30. I just can’t see how they will tolerate it.

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