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Heart-Felt Hypocrisy

John Tierney has a not-to-be-missed takedown of media preening and hypocrisy over the Deep Throat business in today’s New York Times, pointing out that Bob Woodward and others have made millions off of Deep Throat, but turned up their "ethical journalism" noses when Felt’s family wanted a small piece of the action.

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Are you still sore that Nixon got busted??

Yes, actually I am. So are several million (South) Vietnamese . . . or at least their survivors.

So, playing along with your assumption, should Nixon’s crimes have been overlooked or ignored for the sake of the South Vietnamese??

No; I’m merely wanting to bring attention to the chain of causation involved in toppling Nixon for mostly political reasons, and wishing there was less hypocrisy about this. Where was Felt, and the crusading media, when LBJ was bugging Goldwater’s campaign in 1964; where was the inspector general of the IRS when JFK was using the IRS to harrass his political enemies?

The media did do its job with Clinton, in part because Watergate made reporters see scandal as the path to career advancement no matter who is in office and whether they like his politics or not. Of course, I should think that liberals nowadays should regret that he wasn’t removed from office, since an incumbent Al Gore would most likely have beaten Bush in 2000.

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