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How appropriate! We in the United States have a problem with a significant portion of the population because they don’t integrate, don’t learn English, and don’t come to consider themselves "Americans" first and whatever country’s nationality they came from second. Imagine the difficulty in Europe, with more than 40 languages and a half-dozen unique ALPHABETS. Europe cannot be a single entity until they learn to consider themselves "Europeans" first. That’s not going to happen in Ireland, Germany, France, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Latvia, etc., etc., ad nauseum. The Swiss maintain a nation with four "official" languages (French, German, Italian, and Romanch), but the citizens are all "Swiss", and think of themselves first and foremost as "Swiss". Their unique "every male is a member of the Army" may be part of it, school may be part of it (teaching unity, rather than dividing people into hyphenated groups as American schools have come to do), and their history is a MAJOR part of it. The EU has no "glue" to hold it together. The French vote was as much about such "European-ness" as it was about local rule. I’m just surprised it got as far as it did before the wheels came off.

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