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Reactions to the Kelo decision

I do not think I have ever seen as much immediate outrage by ordinary citizens as I have since the Kelo decision. People are going to be quite active--I am betting--on the local and state level to try to find ways of overcoming this outrageous decision. Calling for a constitutional amendment is also being talked about. The Castle Coalition thinks that the fight is by no means over and that individual citizens can make a difference. Also see this, and this.

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Give it a couple of years and people will forget about it. As long as they aren’t affected by it directly they won’t if you think about it emminent domain is a bad deal to start with, it already compromises property rights. If you bring in a business that generates more taxes then you lessen the need for increased property taxes on everyone this sense allowing a business to take over a blighted piece of real-estate is a public good since everyone benefits just as surely as if a highway had been constructed (In both cases someone is loosing out in having to give up property, albeit for some compensation) Although one could even argue on a case by case basis that the private use of eminent domain might be more beneficial publicaly than the next best public use. In otherwords a private business could generate more public good than a public project itself. At least if a private company seizes the property, the previous property owner isn’t required to cut a check back to the private company in the form of taxes, nor are those who oppose the seizure required to frequent the business. The growth of emminent domain is all slipery slope....public or private.

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