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Real torture

Powerline and Democracy Project remind us of what real torture looks like.

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And here is some of the "fake" torture. Thankfully, our troops, everywhere, always follow that popular guidance of "what would Jesus do?" Apparently, he might sic dogs on unarmed naked prisoners, make crap-smeared prisoners who are chained at the ankles walk straight lines, pile up naked prisoners and make them touch each other’s genitals.

I don’t think anyone wants to ask what strategy Jesus would advocate in the War on Terror. My suspicion is that it would be something like, "Let the terrorists continue to attack, and do nothing in response, and when you die your reward will be great in Heaven." Does anyone--of whatever religious viewpoint--really want to get behind that?

oooooooh...troll make funny...haha

I thought that Jesus Christ was George W. Bush’s favorite least it was when he was on the campaign trail the first time around. Assuming that Mr. Moser’s supposition about Christ’s strategy for dealing with terror is accurate (and that’s a HUGE assumption), it nonetheless would seem to present some kind of dilemma to American Christians who have been attempting to follow a righteous path by asking themselves the perfectly valid, but difficult, question "What Would Jesus Do"?

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