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The horror in Zimbabwe

You have been, I presume, at least hearing about, if not following, the terror going on in Zimbabwe.
Over 22,000 people have been arrested, many murdered and their homes--such as they were--destroyed. Why? Because a tyrant felt moved to do it. Do not use his name--he is a counterfeit of a man--it is a disgrace to remember it. The Strategy Page calls it "democide." The black market--in food!--is at issue; that’s the only thing (aside from aid) that keeps the people barely alive. The professed tyrant--this most wicked fiend, this heartless hind, this little hangman, this cut-throat dog, this roastmeat for worms--is starving his perceived enemies to death. Horror.

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But what keeps this unnamed tyrant in power? No single man can oppress millions. He must have help...blame them all, not just Mr. X.

OK, I get the point. Yet, single men (surely with some help, I know) have oppressed millions. Most of the others, including some of those who helped him, were driven by fear (or gain). The guilt is not the same.

Oh, sure, I agree...there is a really special place in Hell for people like dictators/mass murderers. But my point was that people tend to get the governments they deserve. When we liberate people we are often liberating them from their own lousy cultural values and cowardice. Perhaps that is harsh...but I think it’s true.

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