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The political war in California

Gov. Schwarzenegger "ordered a Nov. 8 special election that could trim the power of California’s Legislature and dampen the influence of the public employee unions that help finance its Democratic majority," according to ther L.A. Times. This is the San Francisco Chronicle story on the same: "The election will be the most critical test of Schwarzenegger’s administration, a test in which he faces well-funded opponents and some reluctance even from powerful figures in his own party.

It sets the stage for a political war for control of Sacramento pitting the governor’s big-business allies against Democrats and labor unions, two of his principal detractors. And it’s a confrontation that political experts say could have national ramifications." The outcome will have national repercussions, especially if Arnold wins.

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from the SF Chronicle linked above:

"Schwarzenegger’s three initiatives would, if passed:

"-- Allow a panel of retired judges to redraw state legislative boundary lines;

"-- Limit the growth of state spending and allow the governor under some circumstances to make unilateral mid-year budget cuts; and

"-- Extend from two to five years the amount of time public school teachers must wait to achieve tenure.

"Other initiatives will appear as well, including a proposition that would force unions to obtain consent from members before using their dues for political purposes and another that would require minors to receive consent from their parents or guardians before having an abortion. Still more -- including rival measures addressing prescription-drug costs and one concerning the re-regulation of the state’s energy industry -- are expected. "

My comments: All are great ideas, but even if they all passed, the Democrats, labor unions and teachers unions would sue case by case to have each one thrown out by a favorable court. The courts will essentially rule that the will of the people does not matter in legislative issues.

What you (EyeLuvFreedom) say is likely true, but I think that it misses the point. If Arnold even has moderate victories in these areas it will be a major political shakeup. Any weakening of the ultra-liberal policies of California must be recognized as a good thing and quite the stepping stone for futher success in the area. Who knows, it may even make the state in contention in ’08. Then again, one must be careful when examining politics out west, nothing ever quite as it seems.

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