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Trust is now reduced to a chemical, oxytocin, by science. "Scientists have found the chemical equivalent of the perfect sales pitch: a hormone that makes us more trusting than we normally are.

Volunteers in a study were told they were participating in a decision-making experiment. Those who inhaled the hormone, which occurs naturally in the brain, were more likely to entrust others with large sums of money than were volunteers who inhaled no hormone."

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I’ll gladly pick up the ball, our garretc fellow was obviously trying to comment on... a quote from the WaPo article goes as follows:

"Volunteers who inhaled oxytocin were more likely to trust the banker with money and risk larger sums, the researchers said in an article published yesterday in the journal Nature."

So now I know what Rush Limbaugh found so daggone attractive about oxytocin. I was always wondering about that.

Excellent. Once I’ve amassed enough oxytocin, I shall pump it into the atmosphere, and all will entrust me with their belongings--nay, with their very lives. And when that happens I SHALL RULE THE WORLD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Oops, did I say that out loud? Forget that you just read that. Go on with your lives. Yes, all is well!

By the way, Rush’s passion was for oxycontin, not oxytocin.

"oxycontin, not oxytocin..."

Close enough, shall we say, for government work? :)

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