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Where will you be? I may be at a local bookstore, picking up the family copy of the new Harry Potter book. If not then, then first thing Saturday morning. My wife gets first crack; then I get to read it when she’s not reading it to our son. Jonathan V. Last offers one excuse to read it for those in need of an excuse.

Update: If you need more incentive, see this and this, which excerpt this book and describe the argument of this one.

Update #2: Didn’t go last night, since I was distracted by a crowd of adults and children at our house, but went first thing this morning and picked up our reserved copy without standing in line. Now my wife will not speak to me until she’s finished reading the book.

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I don’t like how that Rowling woman tinkers with Christianity. I don’t think she’s respectful. And besides that, she’s a known liberal who has worked for that Amnesty International group!

That doesn’t mean that her books aren’t good. I may be conservative but I still find enjoyment in her books. Not everything has to be political. I bought my copy as soon as we got out of the woods from camping.

How exactly does she tinker with Christianity? I’ve read all of the books, including the new one, and I’ve never seen a single mention of God, let alone Christianity. Perhaps that, in itself, is a problem for some, but I fail to see how it can be called tinkering.

Forgive me for stating what seems to be to be obvious, but "Mack Sandpaper" is goofing on us. Whoever he (or she) is, he’s trying to behave like a parody of what he imagines conservatives to be. The bit was mildly amusing for a while, but now it’s just getting stale.

Mr. Holst - I’m a person just like you are. If my name bothers you, I offer no apologies. My last name is an old nickname from a long time back. I’m not a "parody" or a "bit," like you cleverly call me, so please stick it where the sun don’t shine, thanks! And let’s stick with the issues please.

Ok then, Mack. Explain to me how Rowling "tinkers with Christianity" while not even mentioning religion in her books. If all you wish to do is discuss issues, discuss away.

After reading a few chapters of the second Harry Potter book it became pretty clear to me that Rowling is trying to steer kids away from God and turn them to face supernatural things like the Occult and witchcraft. And here let me post this artcle that might make this more clear.

here is the article.

Also I’m no fan of Ratzinger as pope, but I DO know that he said this when he was still cardinal back in 2003

"It is good, that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because those are subtle seductions, which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the soul, before it can grow properly."

Maybe I should have said distort instead of tinker!

Hold on I didn’t get that article chainlink right The article is here

Well, the linked article suggests that the Harry Potter opponent also only read "a few chapters" of one of the books, and also didn’t bother even the most rudimentary research into what Rowling has herself said about her religious and moral views....

This reminds me of the debate over whether Christians should participate in Halloween. If you teach your children that Harry Potter (or Halloween) is just a book and for fun, than it should not threaten your Christianity. There is nothing wrong with reading these books. They are good amusement, just like science fiction and other similar genre books.

I think enough "research" has been done. Harry Potter is pushing paganism and witchcraft!! No comments on Ratzinger’s thoughts about the books?? He’s widely known as a very smart man. Lori Hahn - would you also not be bothered if your kids brought some filthy rap music home, and they said they "just liked the beat" and that it was only "good amusement"?? I have a bad feeling some people are really letting their guard down here just because these Potter books are so popular. Well, popular doesn’t neccesariley mean good - remember that!

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