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Lance Armstrong has won his seventh Tour de France. Remarkable. Congratulations.

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I was there on the Champs Elysees to watch him do the 8 laps... It was great, and there were lots of American (and Texan) flags being waved each time he went around the circuit.

The day was mostly dreary, with intermittent light showers, but almost as soon as Lance crossed the finish line to claim his victory, the skies turned to blue, the sun broke through, and life was wonderful.

It was something to remember for a long time.


I wonder how many of those U.S. and Texas flag-wavers would’ve switched to pelting Lance with eggs or rocks if they’d known that he takes the treasonous position of being against the war in Iraq. Here’s the AP story about Lance going bike-riding with Dubya in Texas.

"Armstrong said he’s not taking sides in politics even though he’s opposed to the war in Iraq. ’As a survivor, I think we would be better spending money on an illness like cancer,’ he said."

"Armstrong also spent some time during the Tour de France with Bush’s former rival, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, who followed in a car during the final time trial."

What a shock- Kerry rode behind in a car! Sounds like you’re just jealous because you don’t get to ride with the President, Chris!

I don’t think non-participants in the Tour de France are permitted to just tag along and mix in with the competitors, Jake. As far as your lame jabs at Kerry go, you forgot to say something about Kerry being in France, too. You’re letting down your fellow dittoheads, man!

And what did I say, exactly, that would indicate I was jealous of Armstrong being able to pedal with the Prez?? I’m hardly jealous, since I think Bush is a creep.

Well Chris, your original post certainly seemed like a bit of sour grapes, and you’re not helping your position by how defensive you’re getting. Like the man or not, I think there are few Americans who would actually pass up the chance to take a bike ride with the President. I have a hard time believing you would, either.

1. Again, Jake, what did I say, exactly, that would indicate I was jealous of Armstrong being able to pedal with the Prez? Reading what I wrote, I see that I was simply pointing out that Lance was against the Iraq war, and that possibly some of those who cheered him on with their U.S. and TX flags were unaware of that. Not sure how that demonstrates sour grapes.

2. How does merely responding to your bizarre analysis of my comment indicate defensiveness on my part?

It’s pretty clear to me that Bush takes absolutely zero interest in hearing from those who disagree with him. The range of perspectives or viewpoints which he is open to consideration on is extremely narrow. He is a dangerously stubborn, simple-minded ideologue. I would most likely pass on the "opportunity" to take a bike ride with him. Strikes me as pointless.

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