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Building bridges in Columbus

This is the Washington Post report on the Democratic Leadership Council meeting in Columbus, OH. The centrist Dems explained that the party has to stand for something, while Hillary--deeply interested in establishing her moderate credetials--accused the GOP of reverseing the course established by the Dems in the 1990’s. She said, "They turned our bridge to the 21st century into a tunnel back to the 19th century." I always thought that Bill’s bridge-building to the 21st century was bunk (especially regarding terrorism), and that the GOP should have replied by talking about building bridges to the Constitution. Wouldn’t that be a nice slogan? It was announced at the meeting that Hillary would lead the DLC’s American Dream Initiative, "described by the organization as a national conversation with business, political, labor, civic and intellectual leaders on an agenda for the country and party." Money for travel and coffee.

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Bridges and tunnels?
How about dumbwaiters(Dr. Dean’s comments) and well pulleys?(as opposed to, as Mr. O’Reilly said on the Factor 7/27, "pie in the sky.")
Have democrats been logging in hours in labs a la Governer Reagan at Livermore in the 60s?
Have they been collaborating with scientists and engineers for increased future energy independence, or is Senator Clinton a "pie in the sky" economic conservative and social liberal?
I heard someone on C-SPAN a few weeks ago say that some kind of rift between economic conservativism and social conservatism in the Republican party may be the reason the democratic nominee wins in 2008.
Do the Democrats have such a rift in the same person?

Jonathan King
New Rochelle, New York

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