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In other news, the usual lefties have announced a boycott of Exxon-Mobil because the company doesn’t tow the line on environmental correctness. So go ahead and top of your tank at the nearest Exxon station.

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The Sunday edition of the Denver Post (not exactly a right-leaning rag) had a pretty good piece on how worthless the Kyoto treaty is. It was written by a CU-Boulder environmental journalism professor, so should open some eyes to this charade.

And while we’re at, why don’t we just let the pump run with the hose stuck in the nearest storm drain?? That’d show ’em!!

Very mature, Hayward!

Also, the idiom is "TOE the line," not "TOW the line."

Steven- Again, your entry represents the worst that this blog has to offer: vitriolic, immature, reactionary and arrogant writing.

Aren’t you the same person who has elsewhere criticized Bush-haters because they oppose any policy that he supports? And here you are, suggesting that the environment should be treated as collateral damage in your own identical exercise in negative reciprocity! Remember, there are two kinds of automaton: One responds to the "Do" switch, and the other responds predictably to the "anti" switch. The two are equally dependent on their programmers.

Finally, Slippery Bunny is right: "Toe the line" comes from the military practice of having soldiers keep their toes to the line, thus achieving a nice, straight line among ranks. Ironic slip!

Apparently NASA has also caved in to the so-called "environmental correctness" since they have stated that the four warmest years on record have been, in order, 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Just a bunch of tree-hugging hippies and eco-terrorists working at NASA, I bet.

Apparently I was wrong, those without religion in the traditional sense have found eco-religion. 30 years ago we were on our way to an ice age, now its global warming.

Sorry to disappoint you zealots, but a Canadian mathematician found a serious error in the hockey stick model that supposedly "proves" global warming. Moreover, reliable statistics show that the recent warming is well within historical standards even for so short a period as the last 20 years. I know this means nothing to the zealots, but maybe someone with an open mind will read it.

Bunny Slippers is right. There is no reason to take care of this planet. Those "zealots" among us who hate God, and love ecology should stop promoting the search for alternative forms of energy. We should quit recycling, stop worrying about toxic dumps, and poisonous emissions and acid rain, and global warming, and chemical spills.

Let’s give in and become good, God-fearing Americans, buy a Chevy Avalanche, drive it to church, and generalize about groups that we hate.

It will make God and Bunny Slippers happy.

The funny thing about climate science is that global warming might be due to a number of things, and there are plenty of anomalies. For instance, warming was not particularly fast between 1920 and 1960, the peak of our industrialization. Warming does seem to track sunspots pretty closely, and the nature of the warming trend itself depends on where you take the temperature measures. Surface measures indicate warming, but satellite and atmospheric balloons don’t. I personally think we need to take the issue seriously, but the science definitely DOES NOT warrant panic and radical deindustrialization (or stupid schemes like Kyoto). Hell, the price of gas may take care of our problems....

Fung, thanks for proving my point. You’re so over the edge, you can’t even engage in rational discourse and the average person is supposed to believe you?

Dain’s post is dead on. In a world where we can’t predict the weather two weeks (days?) out, we’re supposed to automatically buy into global warming hypotheses? Does it make sense to reduce emissions? Sure. Does it make sense to institute programs that have virtually no impact on emissions, puts people out of work, make nations poorer thus hurting the welfare state many of them are in the process of building? Apparently Fung thinks so.

interesting points dain....errr...I mean, bunny slippers!

Sorry, Kim, you are mistaken. I’m not "Bunny Slippers." Once in a while a person actually agrees with me.

Over the edge? But, Bunny Slippers, I said I agreed with you! And with Steven, now, because his terrific post started this entire discussion. You are both models of logic and rational discourse. You have won me over. Please save me a space in the pew, and we can read Revelations together.

Sorry Fung, took some time off to destroy the environment.

You’re a jerk. Plain and simple. You’ve brought up every stereotype possible about conservatives to make yourself feel comfortable with your prejudices. I’m in my late 40s and still learn something new every day. You quit thinking some time ago and for that, I feel nothing but disappointment. To prove me wrong, go to the July 10, 2005 Denver Post and read the article I mentioned on Kyoto. I dare you to read it and think. It wasn’t written by a conservative, so maybe you can put away your biases....

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