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Robert Novak is hard on President Bush. He writes that Bush is showing a "school boy" attitude in defending his friend Attorney General Gonzales, and he is the biggest obstackle to a conservative Court. And, more importantly, Novak thinks that if Bush nominates Gonzales to replace Sandra Day O’Connor, he will be doing Senator Kennedy’s bidding. My view of all this is that Bush will not nominate Gonzales to this slot (or even Rhenquist’s slot, and Novak thinks that will happen by the end of the week). The Gonzales baloon is just a gambit by the White House. Novak, and apparently everyone else, is underestimating Bush, again. This is just the first card dealt, Bush is holding the rest of the hand close to his boots. Advantage Bush, so far. It is revealing that the Democrats have adopted O’Connor as a role model for a Supreme Court justice; they cannot get anyone more liberal than her on the Court, and they know it. This is their next to the last card. Their last card will be a vehement objection to a more conservative nominee (I won’t list these aces, there are at least four) and that will be on the Judiciary Committee, and will be televised nationally. Ron Brownstein thinks that a conservative nominee will be a "deal braker," that is, the Democrats will filibuster. Even if they don’t filibuster on the Senate floor (and I hope they do),

as Hugh Hewitt says, just wait until the people get a week of Kennedy, Leahy, Schumer, et al, screaming and yelling and carrying on as they sit on the Judiciary Committee. This will be very revealing, and will have a direct effect on the 2006 (and 2008) elections, and it will not be to the Democrats’ advantage. This will be especially true if they filibuster.

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I haven’t seen it mentioned on any blog at all, but I think it’s hugely significant that the White House has selected Fred Thompson to honcho the SCOTUS nominations. He’s got huge credibility on both sides of the aisle, and I would love to see him play his DA character against Teddy’s lunatic ravings. It’s a "made for TV" setup, and the dems will look like spoiled children.

To get any traction, Dems are in the incredibly awkward position of having to make the case the the President cannot chose SCOTUS nominees of his own accord. In essence, they have to argue that elections don’t mean anything. Goodluck with that. Even with the inevitable help of the MSM, they will look very silly indeed.

I don’t understand the focus on the AG. If Bush wants Hispanic votes in this manner, he’d nominate Garza. That would give him TWO Latinos. So he’s the guy to focus on, plus the two Ediths from the 9th circuit.

See for some devastating stuff on the AG’s view of Roe: stare decisis should apply.

I’ll say it again...if Bush nominates Gonzales then I’m done with him. The time has come for him to reward his socially conservative base. The neo-cons have their "global march of democracy." The libertarian wing of the GOP has had its tax cuts. The social conservatives have been very patient, but payday is here (or it better be).

Uh oh, Dain! I bet Bush is pretty worried about losing your invaluable support!

Phil, do you realize how foolish (and indeed brain dead) it makes you look when you post ad hominem junk? I represent hundreds of thousands of social conservatives...just check around the ’Net. If Bush loses me he loses people like me...and that will hurt the GOP in 2006 and 2008. Get a clue, will you?

Relax Dain. I thought you guys are supposed to have great senses of humor. I’m well aware of how important each and every last one of you is to Dubya, ok? It just sounded funny to me when you said "I’m done with him!" Like a spurned lover or something.

Bush has done several things I disapprove of (e.g., immigration), but the Supreme Court is a supreme consideration. I think he knows this. As for a spurned lover, not a bit of it. Bush has never been my idea of the perfect President...but as Lincoln said of Grant "I can’t spare this man. He fights."

What I’d really like to hear from you, Phil, is who you think would be a better POTUS, or how you’d stop terrorism. The contemporary Left is long on critique, short on solutions. Be a mensch and step up to the plate, Mr. Patriot.

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