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NRA will not come to Columbus

The National Rifle Association was going to hold its 2007 annual meeting in Columbus. Wayne LaPierre explains: "The convention is canceled because last week your City Council unanimously voted to revoke the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens in Columbus by banning perfectly legal firearms." The ban was on semi-automatic firearms, the same ban that Congress passed in 1994 and was allowed to expire last Fall because it was proven to be ineffective. Columbus will lose circa 20 million bucks.

(via The Remedy.)

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good - the ban is ridiculous. Needless to say no statistics have been or will be released about how many criminals turn in their banned weapons. As for my assault weapons, if Mike Coleman wants ’em, he can come get them.


Do you think the assault weapon ban, and the smoking ban, will help Coleman win the primary for Democrat canidate for governor? I am pretty sure he wants to run for the position (I saw a campaign bus of his on the Westside of Columbus about a month ago). Or, do you think the school-rape situation killed his chances?

Just curious about your opinion. You seem to live in the Columbus area. I would say if a Democrat is going to win the Ohio governorship, the next race would be the perfect time, given all the croniness that seems to be going on these days, assuming the dems can stretch the scandle out that long.

You are absolutely 100% correct - your analysis about the gun ban is perfect. Coleman’s primary opponant will be closer to the Democrat base (Coleman is very liberal, but not all that outspoken). Coleman’s niche will be the "electable, business friendly" Democrat. This week’s absurd gun ban will help appease those to Coleman’s left in a primary, so he can run against Blackwell in the general election. He has been very clever - cute even - because all the credit for the ban has been given to the city attorney and one council member, yet he signed it and supported it in a press conference. This way it is not his gun ban (better in the general election) but he took a stand for gun control (better in the primary). I would be willing to bet it was originally his initiative, but I am sure that will never come out - it would defeat the purpose.

I am not sure anyone but Glenn Beck blames him for the school rape thing - the Columbus Schools are a basket case, but that is because of the basket case Columbus school board. Interestingly, Columbus Schools may hurt him more with people outside Columbus who do not know the arrangement - I think Columbus voters give all mayors a pass on the pathetic schools.

If I had to guess, it will all be sound and fury signifying nothing - Blackwell will beat Coleman like a drum. Blackwell is very honest, and the hi-jinks at the capital will not involve him. Furthermore, Coleman is slick, scripted, and a totally empty suit. I do not say this only because he is a Democrat. I could not stand Lashutka, his Republican pedecessor and Nationwide Insurance marionette, either. In fact, I voted for Ben Espy (a Democrat) over the pathetic Columbus Republican candidate in the election before last. Franklin county republicans are hopeless...

Personally, I don’t think Coleman stands a chance against Ken Blackwell. Blackwell is a straight forward man who has opposed Taft for the past 8 years.(which should help to separate him from Taft’s problems) Anyway, Coleman most likely pushed this trough to gain support in the upcoming election in 2006. He did this for him to gain support from the left community but I wonder how the loss in $20 million for the economy will effect the votes of the local business owners. My guess is that they will vote against Coleman because of this among other things.


I agree that Franklin County Republicans are hopeless. They did not even run a mayorial canidate in the last election. How did the party fall apart so quickly? I believe Sensebrener (spelling) was the last Democrat mayor in Columbus, back in the 50s or 60s, and then the party just tanked in 2000 or whenever. Why did it die in Columbus? Surely demographics alone cannot explain, but perhaps it does because I bet all the Republican minded people are moving to the suburbs, and Delaware, Licking, and Fairfield counties.

I think that is true, Steve. I also think that the Franklin County party is so middle of the road that they cannot get any kind of base excited. They are not particularly noted for being tax cutters, cultural conservatives, or even populist-right good government types. It is time to activate the libertarian strain of the Republican base.

What they need is someone like that mayor of Indianapolis, who in the 90’s who started slashing taxes and privatizing stuff. Indianapolis has a phenomenal downtown and a good economy. Columbus city services of all types are surly when you have to deal with them and half-assed in all their efforts. They ordered garbage trucks too big for the alleys, so now jumbo trash cans sit week long on the street! You have to pay to recycle, so few do! Amazing! These most basic services are a mess, never mind a 20 year lack of any urban planning save "yes developer, where can we run you water and sewer" a pathetic and demoralized Police Department, and a downtown emptying faster than Greene County fairground bandstands for a rap show. Large scale privitization would lower taxes and improve services; it would bring some socialy liberal but fiscally conservative urban dwellers around to voting against more socialism, and it would excite the base. It also won’t happen... (sigh)

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