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Long-suffering New York Times readers might have hoped for a slight respite from the frivolity of Maureen Dowd when she went on leave to write a book (can’t wait for that major tome), but today the Times fills her spot with this piece of drivel. It praises Jimmy Carter’s "malaise" speech--yeah, that’s the ticket! Sarah Vowell, the author, is a contributor to "public radio." Figures. Almost makes you pine for Dowd to hurry up and finish her book and get back to her column.

Among other complaints, Vowell deplores Bush administration changes that supposedly make it easier to log forests. Since the New York Times requires several dozen acres of trees per day for its press run, this is an especially rich comin irony.

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"supposedly make it easier to log forests"??? Supposedly? Well, you already admitted to it here, but it does seem clear enough that your "knowledge of timber issues is limited."

Dear M.E.S,

Do you own a house or rent one that is made soley from brick? Do you ever read the NYTimes? I am assuming that you do read the NYTimes and your home is not made solely from brick. I don’t know much about timber issues either, but don’t preach some moral high ground crap when you like just about every other person in the world drives the market for timber by requiring it in your house or in your newspaper.

Check out that lady’s mugshot. What a gag!

M.E.S. fell for the bait, hook, line, and sinker, as the old saying goes.

Hey, looking at that dame’s photo gave me an idea- she and Steven would make the CUTEST couple! They’d be an even less-attractive version of Carville-Matalin. But hey, you have to see the other half of the equation in order to judge for yourselves: Hot Stuff

What bait did M.E.S. fall for exactly?? Did you say something untrue?

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