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One good result of the Roberts pick is that it breaks the precedent that there is or are "women’s seats" on the Court that must be filled by women or some other symbolic minority.

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Mr. Hayward, I could not agree more. I know it’s not politically correct to say so, but it was a refreshing suprise to see Bush nominate a white man. Now let’s get some real justice rolling from that Supreme Court!

Do you still think "Mack Sandpaper" is genuine? He’s probably over at the Daily Kos right now, linking to his comment at this site as evidence of rampant racism at NLT.

Hal - Who cares about Mack Sandpaper? He could be a faker, or maybe he isn’t. Just because the name he uses is silly and dumb doesn’t prove anything. Some could say the same about the name "Hal Holst." After all, I’ve seen "Ohio Voter," "jesse fan in chapel hill," and other non-names used. In any case, I would think, and hope, that readers at any blog are smart enough to know that the opinions posted by commenters may not be the same as the blog-writers themselves. Again, it’s certainly possible that Mack is just a faker, but maybe not. I haven’t read anything by him that strikes me as just impossible. He’s upset about what he sees as political correctness, but plenty of bloggers share this with him, here and elsewhere. I have relatives and neighbors who say things much like Mr. Sandpaper, and I’m not even saying that’s a bad or good thing. Aside from all that, I don’t see what Mack wrote that could necessarily be called racist.

I think it’s naive to think that this site wouldn’t be attractive to certain kinds of racists. I’d be interested to know if anyone at Daily Kos ever really linked to such a comment to prove anything. I don’t think that’s a likely scenario. Looneybirds of all stripes can be found in any blog’s comment section - except for sites such as Powerline, which don’t have an open comments section. Kudos to No Left Turns for letting the readers air their views! So, Hal, by your expert assessment, is this guy also not "genuine"?? "Non-PC Man" If that’s Non-PC, I guess I’ll take PC, if I only have the 2 options!

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