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The fever swamp again

Cynthia McKinney, no longer my Congresswoman, thanks to the Georgia State Legislature (but still "representing" some hapless Georgians), is up to her old tricks, using a "hearing" to engage in 9-11 conspiracy theorizing.

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From someone Mckinney should know but has learned little from. from

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity
- Martin Luther King

It’s pretty obvious at this point that McKinney is a conservative plant, designed to harm the Democratic Party. Rove and her probably talk on a daily basis. (Hat tip to Dain for the concept)

The Right doesn’t use "plants," but we are learning. I’m afraid you Lefties will have to accept responsibility for Cynthia "Whack-Job" McKinney. Not even Karl Rove in all his "evil" genius could have conceived of such a person!

Alright then, let me jot that down in my "Wisdom from Dain" notebook: "Only the Left uses plants to make the Right look bad; the reverse does not occur." Thanks, "dude"!!

That actually sums it up pretty well. Sorry that the truth is so unappealing to you.

To: Not a jesse fan in Durham.

It seems that Trotsky’s observation applies to NJFin Durham (comments 2&4)To wit: "Everybody has a right to be stupid but [Not jesse fan in Durham] abuses the priviledge." It was originally directed at NY intellectual and former fellow travaller Dwight McDonald in the 1930’s; yet it can still be applied today.

Jesse fan - isn’t it time for you to find something new in your book of quotations as a source for your weak ad hominem attacks? That’s at least the second time that you’ve used that quote. I presume Trotsky’s translator didn’t misspell privilege (you did, twice). Ok, we get it; anyone with a viewpoint different than yours, especially if it’s a liberal viewpoint, is stupid in your eyes. Very interesting. What I don’t get is why you find Trotsky worth quoting. Can’t you find some clever Limbaugh quote somewhere? Well, okay, maybe that’s asking too much...

Hey, say what you will about "jesse fan," at least his name/handle is derivative, sniper!

To Not jesse fan in Durham.Interesting that you avoided responding to Christobel(Comment #5). Now spelling is not my strongpoint whereas ducking and dodging seems to be yours.

Dain - how is "jesse fan in chapel hill"’s handle derivative, exactly? You and he are on the same side; why are you belittling him by taking unwarranted jabs at his blog handle?

jesse fan - Christobel didn’t ask a question. It remains unclear to me what he is referring to by "that" or who he is addressing with "you," so I don’t know what to respond to. If we assume that Christobel’s comment was directed at me, are you suggesting that Christobel and I engage in an endless back-and-forth like this?:

Christobel: Is too the truth!

Me: Is not the truth!

Sounds pointless, so I’ll pass. Bye.

Ta Ta

I was referring to you, Mr. NOT Jesse etc. Grabbing someone’s name and sticking a "not" in front of it is derivative (and pretty lame).

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