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The London arrests

A London Times report on the arrest of the two terrorists includes the following (Thanks to The Corner):

Inside was Muktar SaidIbrahim, 27, who is suspected of trying to detonate a nail bomb on a bus, and Ramzi Mohammad, the failed Oval bomber.

Police commanders realised that they could not risk a long stand-off. Terrorists in Madrid blew themselves up when police stormed the building.

Officers called both men by their first names but repeatedly warned them: “You must do as we say.” After a two-hour stand-off both gave up without a fight.

A witness said that they heard one of the men say: “I’ve got rights.”

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Yeah... the right to be shot in the head eight times.

that’s the only rights these guys have.


Of course they have rights. They have the same rights that our OSS had during WWII or for that matter the same rights people that are caught behind enemy lines and without any form of uniform that identified them as who they are have had for hundreds of years. The right to be questioned until we are certian we have ll the information we are going to get from them and then the right to be shot or hung as a spy and/or saboteur

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