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The Plame leak

These are a few more interesting paragraphs from Time about the Valerie Plame issue, and who knew what when. What is somewhat more clear, as John Podhoretz points out, is that this new info seems to indicate that the folks at State (inlcuding Powell and Armitage) knew about Plame about two weeks before the infamous Wilson NY Times op ed (as did Walter Pincus of the Washington Post and other reporters), and, therefore, contrary to what Time thinks, this actually increases the chances that Rove is telling the truth (that he learned her identity from a reporter) and makes it more likely that the original source was (if not Wilson) than someone at State, which was leaking like a sieve.

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Wow. And yet nearly every day I see a letter to the editor trying to pin this on Rove and by extension on Bush. Why is Judith Miller in jail? Who is she protecting? I came to the conclusion weeks ago that it was either someone at State or a leak from CIA themselves. Both CIA and State Department have been working at cross purposes with the current administration for years.

I think that it is Wilson who is the problem. It is he who has wanted to be famous and have a movie about this whole thing, Vanity. He probably started the leaking to get all this into the press and that Idiotic lefty Mr Corn fell into line and got Wilson the publicity. The problem for Wilson is Wilson..lazy and hungry he just oozed buffoonery. And was soon exposed as a LIAR. Should have been the end, but the left is pretty desparate for something to try to hurt the second term of George W.

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