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The Real Risk of Shark Attack

You can tell it’s the summer, because in the absence of real news we’re getting bombarded in the media with stories about shark attacks. Ralph Frasca from Division of Labour directs our attention to a site that demonstrates what the actual chances are that the average person will be attacked by a shark.

Frasca notes that in Florida over the past 50 years exactly eight people have been killed by sharks; on the other hand, thirteen have been killed by alligators. Quiz question: Guess which animal is federally protected--the shark or the alligator?

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Well, in spite of the numbers, I really do think they ought to do something about protecting the sharks, which are becoming quite threatened worldwide.


Hey, what’s the most dangerous animal to humans in the US?????


Look up stats on people killed as a result of deer/vehicle interactions. It averages out to a couple hundered per year.

If we look at statistics worldwide, I believe that the most dangerous animal to humans is the malaria-carrying mosquito. That is, it’s been the deadliest since the banning of DDT, which remains the most effective means of killing mosquitos. Thanks a lot, Rachel Carson!

Please, Mr. Moser, do share with us your knowledge about DDT’s safety.

Try this site, or this one, which happens to be the home page of the International Malaria Foundation. Some of the fiercest advocates for banning DDT were, in fact, the zero-population-growth types who believed that malaria provided an important check on population in poor countries.

Fortunately, though, DDT is starting to make a reappearance in some places. In 2000, for instance, South Africa reauthorized its use.

Uh, Mr. Harris, back to your playpen and take a sip of kool-aid; Mr. Moser just scored and recorded a "touche"

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