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The Ten Commandments and our political adolescence

Joe Knippenberg’s thoughtful review of the Court’s incoherence in the two Ten Commandments cases leads him to conclude that the Supremes are not allowing us to govern ourselves, they think they are protecting us from our selves, hence guranteeing our "perpetual political adolescense." Madison and the boys must be rolling in their graves.

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I have been trying to understand the big fuss of the display of any religious items on government/public property. Just because it is allowed does not mean that the government is endorsing that religion. And I am not what you would call a religious person. In fact I don’t have much use for religion or religious organizations. I could go on and on about my distain for these organizations and some of the self serving individuals in them.

Having said that, I have never felt that the display of the Ten Commandments in a public place was anything but a display, something to look at, part of the decore. I’ll worry about government endorsment of religion when the Religious police are pounding on my door quizzing me about my knowledge of Bible passages. People are just to uptight.

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