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Top Rated Beers

The Corner at ’National Review Online’ proves useful in many ways.

Ms Lopez provides a useful link here to the top rated beers in the world.

Yes, Sierra is excellent but don’t forget the little known Goose Island Honker’s Ale out of Chicago.

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Dr. Craig,

Real men drink High Life. Their commercials display the modern incarnation of the manly virtues!

Accessibility is an issue for many of these top brewers. MC mentions Honkers. Can’t get it in Ohio though.

I’ll add These guys to the list. Even though it’s brewed in PA, and available as far away as Florida and Alabama - those of us in Ohio who like it are forced to bootleg it.

By far the best beer ever made is Bel Haven Scottish Ale... if you can find it. It is the beer of the gods in my book. For ease of availability I have to go with Bass Ale.

At the risk of starting a beer/flame war, ummm, Mr. Anderson, I’ve had Yuengling, poor it back in the horse.

Now all we need is a scotch list. Single malts, of course. Is there any other kind worth drinking?


No harm no foul, no flame war. I think part of the attraction to Y for us Buckeyes is it’s unavailability. To me, their lager (the only one I’ve tried) is fairly full-bodied without sitting in your stomach like a load of pancakes. Therein lies the attraction.

Perhaps we’ll find common ground by discussing Scotch Whiskey? Agree whole-heartedly on the single-malts: this and this are my favorites.

As a Buckeye and a Brownie, I find it difficult to give Pittsuburgh and Pennsylvania recognition for anything, but Yuengling is certainly at the top of the list. Also, let us not forget Newcastle Nut Brown Ale.

I must be honest. Aside from taste, nothing beats a cold Budwieser. I know it tastes like pee compared to some of these other beers, but it just manly to drink a Budweiser.

Hell, I’m from Pittsburgh, and grew up on Iron City. There ain’t no beer more manly than that. Now excuse me while I scratch myself and look for a place to spit.

Mr. Anderson:

I can’t get past the tast of Yuengling. It has a nasty bitter taste to me. Maybe Mike would like it. To each their own.

Lagavulin is one of my favorite scotches. I also go for Macallan (on a budget), Oban, Glengoyne, Talisker, and Old Fettercairn (when I can find it). I don’t think I’ve ever had Laphroaig.

On a technical note: When the label says scotch-whisky it is usually a single malt. When the label says scotch-whiskey (with the added E) it is usually a blend.

Dr. Moser, I’ll have to disagree. If you’re looking for a manly beer, look no further than Pabst Blue Ribbon, (it may be considered grandfatherly) there is nothing more satisfying than PBR and football on television, or after a game of rugby... Of course, when it comes to manliness, Pittsburghites are lacking.

Yuengling all the way! I was disappointed last year when I came to Ashland and they didn’t have it. I thought every place had Yuengling.

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