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Why We Love the Brits

London Mayor, Ken Livingston, an avowed British Liberal, came out strong this morning against the terrorists and vowed that this would be no victory for them. They will lose in the ultimate objective. Good, manly statement from him. Kudos also to Tony Blair. But where are their American Liberal counterparts? It is time for American Liberals to take a lesson from the Brits. This is no game and we can little afford their silly partisan preening.

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Where are the American liberals? Blaming Bush as usual.

Bush was wrong. Again
by kos
Thu Jul 7th, 2005 at 11:39:33 PDT

George Bush:

THE PRESIDENT: We are fighting these terrorists with our military in Afghanistan and Iraq and beyond so we do not have to face them in the streets of our own cities.

Well, that didn’t work out quite as planned, did it?

What a sad, pathetic, disgusting display of hate the Kos is.

Where are the American Liberals? Where is Durbin, Leahy, Kennedy, Pelosi, ad naseum?

Maybe alibying and kissing Al-Quida ass. The same for American Muslims who remain silent. Right now I do not trust any of these SOB’s and their supporters.

Where are the liberals indeed. Apparently, they are sitting at their desks accusing George Bush of the bombings?!

That all I can think is "how convenient" that this happened to take the light off Karl Rove. I don’t think anything is on the "up-and-up" anymore, not even terrorist attacks.

Face it, the Democrat Left thinks Amerika needs to be remade (in THEIR own image, of course), and this is why they worship POWER. Actually helping fight the War on Terror (i.e., defending Amerika) doesn’t advance their agenda, and making G.W. Bush look good doesn’t help them either. What do you do with would-be revolutionaries whose idea of revolt is sitting around sniping at patriots?

No partisan preening here:

Light Up the Darkness has received the following ... copy of a statement issued today by Senator John Kerry in response to the terrorist bombings in London:

"Every American heart feels for the British people and the families of those killed and injured in today’s horrific terrorist bombings in London. As a country which has also experienced tragedy at the hands of cowardly killers and which keeps faith with the special alliance Prime Minister Tony Blair reaffirmed on September 11th, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

"In addition to words of condolence and condemnation, America should offer every assistance to Great Britain in dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy and in hunting down and destroying those responsible. We must reaffirm that cold blooded killers will not for a moment stop the critical work of the G-8 nations in showing the world the strength of our shared values and our commitment to ending poverty around the globe. The terrorists should hear from all of us today: the future belongs not to fear, but to freedom. We must also be vigilant here at home to take every step needed to complete the unfinished work of homeland security, strengthening our port security, rail security, protecting chemical plants, and securing loose nuclear materials abroad. While these attacks remind us that the fight is far from over, they also strengthen our resolve to stand together for the right of free people to live in a peaceful world."

I don’t see any partisan attacks there - just a statement of sympathy for the victims and that the terrorists won’t deter the G8 from reaching its goals, indeed will make us all stand together against them.

Some Democrats do have class.

(btw, my first post ever here. Please don’t flay me for daring to post something positive about - gasp - a Democrat.)

Before we praise "Red Ken" Livingston for his statement, let’s see how far he’s willing to support a serious crackdown against all the extremist imams, let alone the other anti-Western Muslim immigrants, in London. Personally, I’m not holding my breath. The Left is what it is. Words are cheap.

The same goes for John "Frog" Kerry.

I agree...words are cheap. John Kerry told me what he was made of when he voted down the $87 billion for our military in the field. Democrats always are "supportive" until you actually try to do something about it...then the long knives come out. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. remind me...what is Howard Dean’s position in the Democrat Party at this moment? And your Presidential candidate in 2004 lost...Libermann never...oh, that’s right, you Democrats rejected the only moderate Democrat candidate and chose...John Kerry. And by now everyone should know his record on defense issues.

Face it, Kathy, the old Democrat Party died with Johnson. Your party is full of Leftist crazies and overeducated spoiled brats. I’m sorry...if that bothers you perhaps you’d better defect to the GOP.

Yes, the American Right has been SO supportive of the British. Take Brit Hume of FoxNews, for example. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

"My first thought when I heard - just on a personal basis, when I heard there had been this attack and I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought, ’Hmmm, time to buy.’"
- Fox News’s Brit Hume, 7/7/05

Wow, Brit really cares about the victims’ suffering. I mean, that really comes through loud and clear! Too bad those crazy, kooky liberals just want to make friends with Al Qaeda and give ’em all hugs n’ cookies!

Unlike Kathy, I will play your game, wingnuts. I DO judge you all on the comments of your craziest members. Thinking about money before anything else after a terrorist attack is seriously messed up.

Oh yeah, Dain, who is "Libermann?" Were you, in your clumsy way, trying to spell "Lieberman?"

Where are America’s liberals re 7/7? I am afraid that they are more closely aligned in their thinking with George Galloway than with Ken Livingston. Shame on them.....

Call me a wingnut all you like, Phil. Doesn’t matter to me in the only protest because we come so close to the truth of it. As for Brit Hume, I think he was being honest...unlike most "caring" liberals. Humans are like that, Phil, hate to tell you...our first thoughts are usually about ourselves, and then our "socialized" selves kick in. That’s why I’m a need strong institutions (e.g., religion, the family) to make a HUMAN BEING...something the totalitarian Left never seems to understand.

So this confirms it, then. Brit is just on the air babbling away, not thinking about what he’s saying first.

It’s amazing the stuff Dain will try to defend. You’re right, I don’t understand your little theory. I’m not religious, but I see that worrying (ON AIR) about your money after a terrorist attack is pretty despicable. Wow, how did I arrive this conclusion without the moral compass of religion??

Even if you assert, as you seem to be doing, that humans are basically bad without religion and the all important FAMILY to guide them, it still seems like you could admit that it was pretty scummy of Brit to say that on the air. What is someone who lost a loved one supposed to think when he or she hears that? Brit can’t keep that little concern to himself? I know you feel obligated to defend the chumps at Fox, but you’re really reaching on this one.

Obviously you never watch fact, I doubt you actually saw Brit say these things. If you knew anything about him you’d understand that his style is very informal and off-the-cuff (that’s why people appreciate his commentary). And he has a sense of humor...unlike Leftist nitwits. As for defending it...Hell, I endorse it. I’d rather have one Brit Hume than 10 lying pieces of filth on the MSM (e.g., Dan Rather).

A new low, Dain. So, after a terror attack people shouldn’t waste time with their shock, horror, grieving, and spiritual reflection, they should just get on the phone with their broker, eh??

Also, make up your mind. Are you denying that Hume said those things, or are you endorsing what he said. Sort of nonsensical to play it both ways, isn’t it? Or, if he DIDN’T say those things, do you just wish he had?

Come on, just admit it. His comment was cold-hearted, at best. It won’t hurt you to distance yourself from one remark from a single news-reader at Fox, will it?

Cold-hearted my a... Hume was being honest about his first thought. All this pretending about feelings for strangers...tut, tut...people like you just use this as an opportunity to snipe.

You libs need to understand something. The reason rightwing folks have better senses of humor is that we KNOW people aren’t all good and shiny. What Hume was doing here was a form of self-deprecating humor...he was saying "Look, I’m human. I have insensitive thoughts. Let’s get passed the false pieties and figure out what this news means." I LIKE HIM for that ability...what I don’t like are stuffed shirts who take themselves WAY too seriously and, in the process of making a "better world," think LYING is justified by their GOALS. Hume was being is his way of connecting with his audience. Get over it.

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