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I’ve been watching this Able Danger train wreck unfold for the last week or so, believing that the conservative media was probably getting ahead of the full facts. Today Mickey Kaus suggests that what Able Danger came up with was a different Mohammed Atta.

I’ve met Mickey and like him, but sometimes I’m never sure whether he is pulling our leg on his blog. And even if something like this is true, it wouldn’t absolve the Clinton administration from the foolhardiness of the FISA "wall" between intelligence services and domestic law enforcement.

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A different Mohammed Atta? Come on, that sounds like one of Monty Python’s poorer sketches. The fact is, the Clinton Whitehouse played while the islamofascists plotted. He disserved his country (as most Dems do), and then he and his buddies did there best to pin it on Bush. The fact is, Clinton is the head "child" of the’s a party of spoiled brats. The only thing they know how to run is their mouths!

And for those who disbelieve me (and perhaps lend credence to Kaus), what exactly was Sandy Berger shoving in his pants and socks? That was a act of desperation by a man who knew the game was up.

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