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Climate and Hurricanes

The media is breathlessly touting recent stories that this year’s extra frequent and strong hurricanes are a sign of global warming, even though the IPCC has discounted this idea in its recent reports. The media is ignoring this statement from NOAA (the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration). Money graph:

"(The) confluence of optimal ocean and atmosphere conditions has been known to produce increased tropical storm activity in multi-decadal (approximately 20-30 year) cycles. Because of this, NOAA expects a continuation of above-normal seasons for another decade or perhaps longer. NOAA’s research shows that this reoccurring cycle is the dominant climate factor that controls Atlantic hurricane activity. Any
potentially weak signal associated with longer-term climate change appears to be a minor factor."

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The problem is Oil!

I think we are witnessing a new gold rush, substitute the American West with the Middle East and gold with oil and it all seems pretty cut and dry. The oil traders, attorneys, and corporate heads in BushCo. are going to drag this one out to the very end. Considering the fact that other reliable forms of energy already exist and are currently in use around the globe, it’s obvious that they want to continue down the road of oil until we run out; look at Europe, they have been supplementing their oil use and electrical generation for quite some time. Our government and our citizens need to get on the ball. Bush will not pull out of Iraq until they have built high walls topped with razor wire around the oilfields over there. Why the heck is oil so important? Is it because oil is the only economy base that the administration understands anymore? Are they not at all prepared for a change? Do they think that the rest of the world is going to sit idly by and continue to use the oil they capture while waiting until America is ready to convert? They can make money from new energy technologies and the industries that those technologies will bring about just as easily (and seamlessly, if conversion starts before the supply of oil really begins it’s decline), not to mention the fact that there are a multitude of new energy patents which are currently owned by the big oil companies (which they hide away from the rest of us, every corporation has got to have it’s trade secrets).

I often wonder what it’s like to be addicted to money the way that this administration is. Money is their drug, they are so addicted to the current economy and the money they grab from it that they have gone to war with the Middle East to ensure that they are controlling the global oil economy until the last drop goes through the pipelines. The desire to be in control of the final decline of oil, if done from a humanitarian angle (saving our economy and people from possible end-of era regression) could be looked at from the perspective that the end justifies the means, but when done in the manner that BushCo. has, (lying, covering up or otherwise changing facts, ignoring questions asked of it’s citizens and press) it seems more along the lines of deceitful corporate money-grabbing and self interest. If they don’t act soon the aforementioned patents the energy corporations hold wont mean squat. It’s going to take a good amount of the remaining oil to fabricate the opening salvo of new industrial machinery and the equipment necessary to convert, being that it currently takes the usage of oil to allow today’s industry to function. Considering the track record of the administration, it’s unlikely that they have any such plan in mind. They are far too unwilling to listen to reason, and why should they? They are here for the quick money, the easy money that they are accustomed to and so enamored by.

If our country could either get off the current electricity grids and create one hundred percent of the power our homes consume or enact a law requiring our utility companies to make the switch then it seems to me that would cut our dependence on oil by nearly half which would allow for more time to develop new resources for transportation. It would be optimal to convert both utilities and transportation on a concurrent time frame, however there would be less shake up within the global economy if one commitment was executed prior to the other. Some companies, like Toyota have their own time frame, they have announced an additional 10 hybrid vehicles to their lineup over the next decade, seen here: Maybe we’ll all be able to buy John Deere wind generators from Home Depot in the near future! Not really soon enough, but Deere is doing something nonetheless. Here’s a bit from Renewable Energy Access:

Scary Stuff!


I think the problem is the Masons. No, wait, it’s the Bavarian Illuminati.

Someone need to switch to decaf...seriously.

Mr. patriot, are you being serious? I’m just curious...

And isn’t the Bush administration increasing spending on researching alternative energy sources (such as hydrogen fuel cells)? I know he mentioned it in a State of the Union address and I’m not positive but I think he followed through on it in the budget. If anyone knows the numbers please comment.

Yes, Andrew, you are right, Bush is spending billions (with a B) on hydrogen research (which I think is likely to get us very little) and a similar amount on a "methane-to-markets" program to reduce emissions from coal dramatically, which is more promising (esp. if we get a breakthrough and export the technology to China and India). No one noticed during the campaign last fall, but Kerry’s energy plan endorsed these Bush initiatives and promised to carry them forward if he won the election.

Bush isn’t spending anything. Congress appropriates the money. Cite the specific legislation that authorized "billions (with a B) on hydrogen research."

Bush isn’t spending anything. Congress appropriates the money.

Okay. I’ll remember that next time I hear someone blame the president for the budget deficit.

I’m still waiting for a reference to the legislation that Congress passed(and yes, which Bush signed) that authorized "billions (with a B) on hydrogen research." Or is Hayward just spouting off as usual?


Hydrogen Fuel Initiative
In February 2003, President Bush announced a five-year, $1.2 billion Hydrogen Fuel Initiative to reverse America’s growing dependence on foreign oil.

Took about 2 minutes on google. Technology is amazing eh? Its time, search, then talk...please.
DHT’s much needed info

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