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These two NYT articles range from skeptical to hostile, but are nevertheless useful. The Discovery Institute couldn’t afford to pay for such publicity, given its remarkably modest budget.

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Glad you’re back, though there is now NO HOPE I can ever catch up with your prodigious volume of postings.

I thought the NYT new story about the Discovery Institute was really crappy, in part because I know all of those guys quite well (John West was my roommate in graduate school for two years, and I’ve spent a lot of time with Bruce Chapman), and I barely recognize those guys from the story. But I suppose you’re right that the old PR adage "so long as they spell your name right" applies. One little note: I read the article on the dead tree version, and it included a big photo spread. One of the photos was wrong: they had a photo of Howard Ahmanson, Sr. (who is long dead), but identified him as Howard Ahmanson, Jr (one of Disovery’s financial backers). The photo credit is "Los Angeles Times." I wonder if the LAT deliberately RF’ed the NYT.

The second thing about the story that annoyed me was that it gave no account of the substantive critique of Darwinism that Discovery advocates. Plus, their account of Discovery’s hesitance about some of the proposed curriculum guidelines was incoherent.

Other than that. . .

I think getting schoolkids to think about how all of these miracles of science and what really caused the miracles is very very important. No one can convince me that the beauty of a woman happens in the same random way that I win or don’t win the lottery! Have you ever noticed that its always the smartest kids in class who believe in God?

And I really like that about ’dead-tree version" Stephen. Thats a keeper!

Oops. I ment to write Steven not "Stephen". Im sorry.


Thanks for the additional insight, which, together with your posts, proves that quality beats quantity any day.

I can’t link directly to the photo spread, but you can find it here by clicking on the link under Jodi Wilgoren’s article.


The NYT must have caught the photo mistake I mentioned, because the photo they had in print is missing from the online version of the photo spread, which is otherwise the same as the print version.

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