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Line-drawing on stem cells

Charles Krauthammer has some suggestions. I’m not sure they’re sufficient to ungrease the slippery slope.

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For another perspective on ESEs vs. ASEs go read: On Embryonic Stem Cells, Frist Backs A Loser, by Michael Fumento, Tech Central Station, August 3, 2005.

The article rips apart many "misconceptions" regarding Embryonic Stem Cells (ESE) vs. Adult Stem Cells (ASE), without any of the moral viewpoints. The discussion is strictly scientific !!

To quote his ending:

"You may have noticed no mention herein of the moral baggage that also accompanies ESCs. This is not a failure to realize it exists. It’s merely that there’s no point discussing it if ESCs have no obvious advantage over their ASC counterparts and anyway we’ll be getting ESC without ripping apart embryos.

The case against ESCs is scientific."

"A handful drawn from fertility clinics where they will be destroyed anyway alters no great moral balance."

This remimds me of the justification provided for medical experiments performed on Holocaust victims.

It also assumes no one disputes the legitimacy of the fertility clinics "creating" the embryos in the first place.

And when will we begin experiments with infants who have terminal diseases, or toddlers, or 6 year olds? After all, they’re going to die anyway. In fact, down the road there is a nursing home full of people who are "going to die anyway", lets start using their bodies for medical research. They’re just about done with them anyway.

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