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Smog from Wine? Sat It Ain’t So!

A few weeks back we had a thread going here about "bovine emissions" in California’s central valley. Now, according to LA Times fine environmental writer Miguel Bustillo, another source has come under the magnifying glass: wineries.

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Yes, and now that they’ve figured out that they can’t realistically get any more pollution reductions out of industry (that is, without just shutting them down), they have had to go after ever smaller sources. Emission controls on lawnmowers, fireplaces, and so on. And now wineries! What’s next? Bakeries? Government controlled landscaping?

At some point, I think they are going to realize that they will just have to live with a baseline level of air pollution. Either that, or just evict all the people.

Just my $.02

Government controlled landscaping?

To build off of DaveK response. This is already happening. If I am not mistaken if your worksite involves digging up dirt or re-seading a piece of land bigger than 1 acre (I am not sure exactly how big it has be) you are required as a contractor to put up silt fence to control run-off. Not to say run-off isn’t bad, but if one ever looked closely at its effects as a run-off inhibitor they would find the results wanting.


They’ve already thought of this: Fireplaces in new homes are banned in the central valley (except for EPA-approved sealed up wood stoves that are no fun to look and out out TOO MUCH heat for the California climate), and emissions controls on lawnmowers are in the pipeline.

The high point coming into Frisco across the bridge or ferry used to be tha Embarcadero aroma of bakeries and coffee roasters. Smog control killed he emissions. Now, on a hot day the smell is urine.

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