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I’m home. Three weeks in a hospital bed have made me weak. During the last two weeks I have had to learn to walk, shave, and so on. A new world. But, I’m doing fine, still weak, moving slow, with that determined half speed you have seen aged men shuffle through long hallways. I’m told it will be another month before I am strong.

There isn’t much more to be said about this war my pancreas started. Most of you know more about the medical issues than I do. It was rough, although some of the roughest parts are better known by my fine doctor Dr. Robert Israel, and my loving family and noble friends who stood with me in the battle. Apparently, I came close to buying the farm, to use one of Dr. Israel’s technical medical terms. At some point, the good doctor and chief general decided that defense could not win the war, so he attacked. The offensive was enirely dependent on my lungs, which had been dormant because a machine had been doing my breathing. The lungs responded better than anyone thought possible; the counterattack was successful. In an attempt to pay back the debt I owe them, I have stopped smoking (maybe a good Cuban once or twice a year will be allowed!). My debt to Dr. Israel, of course, cannot be repaid, so I kindly and honestly thank him for his goodness and excellence, for his art.

I still find it amazing that my family and friends stood by me during this long period of horror. They did everything. They held my hand, whispered hope in my ear, told me that they loved me, took care of everything, prayed for me, cut into their own lives to help. Hundreds sent me their good wishes and prayers, and I thank them all. It is overwhelming when the affection is so open, so forthright. I am deeply grateful, and, you should know, very happy to be in this breathing world.

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Welcome home, Peter. We’ve missed you!

I only know you through this weblog, but it is good to see your words here again. Welcome back and I hope it won’t be long before you have the strength to return to your old blogging habits.

Glad you are back and recovering.

All of us were a tad poorer in your absence.

Best wishes.

Peter: It is good--no, make that great--to hear that you pulled through and are returning to health. May you be with us on this side of the Great Divide for a long, long time yet.

Great to hear from you, Peter! Regain your strength soon...we need your perspective now more than ever. Really, I’m happy you are on the road to recovery.

WELCOME BACK DUDE! And faster than everyone predicted, which you would have predicted.

Let me add my voice to the chorus. Welcome back!!!!

Now get back to work.

Back in 2000 I spent 12 weeks in the hospital with acute pancreatitis. I was also expected not to make it. Only by the Grace of God...

The most surreal part of the whole thing for me was having my friends and family visit and seeing in their eyes that they didn’t think I was going to make it but no one actually admitting it.

I know the struggle. Congrats on pulling through.

Pete: It’s great that you got through this life-threatening illness sooner than anyone expected. The news definitely seemed dire. Thank God you’re on the mend.

Your family is your greatest source of support. I know that from the other point of view. My wife stopped chemotherapy for metastatic cancer last December (it was horrible) after submitting to treatments for two years, and knew she had only months to live. I lost her in late July, but as you remarked about your situation, she had her family with her all the way, as well as a long-time friend of hers. We had Hospice three days a week with expert pain management, although I was the main nurse and frankly I regarded it as a genuine labor of love.

Your daughter sent me a very sweet card after I sent you a get-well card, and that made it very clear to me just what great hands you were in. You really are indispensable, you know, whether it is ISI, Claremont Institute or Ashbrooke Institute. No more bad news, OK?

Welcome back!

I knew nothing about pancreatitis until my mother had a severe attack last year at age 65. Unfortunately, she died when her kidneys, lungs, and ultimately, her heart failed.

May you stay healthy now.

Welcome back! I hope that what remains of your recovery is speedy and comfortable and that you’re quickly back in the swing of things.

God bless you, Peter - my continued prayers for you and your health.

Welcome back, Jocko.

Don’t forget to continue to listen to the Doctors and Vicki.

Some men are just plain hard to kill. I’m glad you’re one of them.

Dear Peter, Mickey gave you sensible advice, which you should follow; Will took the low-and-cheeky (but affectionate) road. I’m just glad to hear directly from you, rather than the official-speak of your President. I missed your updates on the Far East. Take care.

I, too, would like to send my best wishes for regaining your strength quickly.

Good to hear that you are back home and doing well.

It’s good to see you back and doing well.

Peter- I am glad that you are back. Take care of yourself, and someday, treat your family to a great big "thank you!"

Welcome back! You have been in our prayers.

There are no words to express my joy at seeing your post this morning. "Thank God!" is the best I can do. Not bad, that.

Dr. Schramm glad to see you are doing better. Get well soon.

I look forward to more of your posts, but please take it easy.

Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. As someone who’s survived pancreatitis (though not nearly as severe as your case, from your description), I can appreciate the stakes involved. Welcome back.

So, are you going to join us - what was the term you used? Pencil-necks - in pursuing a healthy lifestyle? I hope so because I’ve never had the pleasure of taking a course with you yet, and you owe me!!! Take care of yourself!

Good grief--cut the last three contributions!

Dr. Schramm

Very good to see you back in action.

Churchill comes to mind:

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Congrats on fighting (and winning!) the good fight.

Hey Peter, Christina and I have been praying for you. Great to have you still here. Rob

The Master has returned! Very good news! Keep up the good work!!

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