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Conservatism in Canada

It’s great to see Tom Cerber back in the blogging saddle, providing intelligent commentary about matters north (and south) of the border. Here’s a paragraph that religious conservatives on both sides of the border need to ponder:

One of the reasons why religious conservatives don’t obtain wider support is that they fail to connect their socially and morally conservative message with the principle of liberty. While it’s true that they’re like preachers in the whorehouse, trying to preach moderation to an immoderate and hedonistic society. At the same time, they also need to do a much better job demonstrating that the immoderate and hedonistic policies that the other side supports undermines liberty. Too often they allow themselves to be portrayed as the enemies of liberty, when in fact the best arguments for social and moral conservatism sustain liberty understood as the “ordered liberty” of the responsible individual.

Read both posts.

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I concur with this analysis.

“Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.”

John Adams

Freedom requires responsibility.

Could someone please clarify for me which behaviors are classified as "immoderate and hedonistic policies" that violate an "ordered liberty"? Tom Cerber doesn’t get very specific.

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