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DeLay indicted

The Republicans will have to look for a new leader in the House: Rep. Tom DeLay has been indicted by a grand jury in Texas.

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The republicans should replace him with a real pit bull. Someone nasty enough that the democrats will miss DeLay.

I expect he will only be stepping down as majority leader temporarily, as I don’t think Ronnie Earle has much here. We’ll see.

Perhaps Dubya will pardon him for his good work on the Schiavo case. He’s probably also considering pardoning Lynndie England since she was doing her thing for such a noble cause and all that...

That last comment was disgusting. There isn’t a soul in the military or the administration that approves of what Ms. England did. You should be ashamed.

While Earle is clearly a political hack, DeLay was too. No tears here for his demise; I’ve been hoping he would fall sometime. He was a heavy-handed leader who ramrodded the whole caucus in his quest for endless power.

I wish I could find the article that Dick Armey wrote condemning his power hungry politics. I think DeLay, while powerful, has been one of the main guys who corrupted the 1994 revolution. Pack him off to the political graveyard and move on GOP!

I feel bad about Tom DeLay. I supported him, and identified with him. After all, he was the Majority Leader! That was no accident! He must have represented many Republican values and ideals. But now I acknowledge the evidence that he is a slimeball. I guess I was wrong. I wonder if I am similarly wrong about anyone else.

Ben is the old "Lt. Dan." Write off his childish attempt to play the ’mole’. I guess Leftist droolers have nothing better to do than play pretend games.

I think DeLay will be proven innocent...unlike Clinton, who was actually guilty but let off for political reasons.

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