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Democrat malaise (or not)

Howard Fineman muses about the demoralized Democrats and why they don’t have much faith in their party’s prospects.

But, of course, with DeLay’s indictment, some, like Dan Balz of the WaPo, can talk about how the GOP is in trouble. Not especially persuasive.

A much more persuasive argument can be found in the paper issue of National Review (Oct 10). There, John J. Miller explains how and why the GOP is in trouble in Ohio, and why Ken Blackwell (for governor in 2006) is their only hope. If Ohio falls to the Dems, so might the country. If Blackwell wins, it will fire up the conservative base, and cut into the black vote. This piece should be read. Keep your eye on Ohio.

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Many of you may not find Balz’s descriptions persuasive, but I hope that you do, and will continue to, remember the dismissive, arrogant responses to the lefties on this blog when and if the tide really turns.

Many of us have been pointing to Bush’s cronyism and hypocritical claims about morality and compassion since the year 2000. We have been told that our charges against Rove, Cheney, Bush, Brown, Frist, DeLay, are preposterous, and ridiculous and motivated by "politics" as though that separates any of us from any others!

When the roof comes down, (as the walls are beginning to)I hope that the arrogant among you remember your beliefs that your party had all the answers, and that the left was a sunken ship.

I say this now for a couple of reasons. One, in order to prevent charges of "hindsight" later on. Unlike your friends Rush and Savage and Coulter and Hannity, we really have been "telling you" for years! Two, in the middle of the anger and depression that go with an unjust war, astronomical profits for oil companies and astronomical gas prices at the pump, rising poverty indicators, botched responses to crises at home, shameless name-calling and blaming, irresponsible tax laws that benefit the filthy rich and rob the middle class, reduction in civil rights in the name of patriotism, substituting corporate profit margins for common consideration for human beings, substitution of unjust wars for oil and profit for successful capture of REAL enemies like bin Laden, denigration of anyone who questions our elected leaders , denigration of anyone who still desires a separation of church and state, attacking such people as anti-American, and anti-religion, and assuming that the population is stupid enough to believe and accept those generalizations--- in the middle of all that, if feels really good to see the House Majority leader, the "Hammer," the "Exterminator" the tough guy, the symbol of everything righties love and identify with, go down.

I can’t wait for the sequel, and I will not pretend that I don’t enjoy every second of it.

Yea, that’s right, Lt. Ben, you’ve been telling us this from before Bush even took office, which kind of discredits you, buddy. Moreover, when was anyone in Bush’s circle of "cronies" ever convicted of anything. There’s no there there.

What I will take special delight in is 2006, when we kick your butts again. And 2008 after that. As the song goes "Lose your money...learn to loss."

I suspect that the Dems’ hole card is immigration: There seem to be significant numbers of red states that could tip if net-Democrat-voting immigrants keep flowing into them. I’ve heard that Texas could even be one of these states. If that happens, of course the GOP will be in GIGANTIC trouble on the national level.

But Fineman is right to point out a structural problem that is now pinching the Dems: It’s hard for them as a minority party to keep certain blocs on board. Why should blacks or labor unionists keep voting monolithically for Dems if Dems aren’t putting together winning coalitions and so can’t get into office to deliver the goods that these blocs want? It just makes no sense for them, and so they are beginning to slip away from the Democrat camp--not wholly or absolutely, of course, but enough at the margins that it’s threatening to become a real problem for Democrats.

Dain- Are you suggesting that no one opposed Bush, or saw him for the liar he is, before he took office? I still have his "Fuzzy Math!" and "Never enter a country without a clear exit plan!" and "Trust the American People!" rants branded in my brain. Forty-nine percent of us knew he was a liar, and some of us suffered through his "governor-ship" as well.

By the way, Judith Miller was released today from her job of protecting Scooter Libby. And the beat goes on, baby!

About Libby, let’s wait to see if a crime was even committed, boyo. I’m betting that the whole affair will quietly fade I’ve said over and over again, there’s no there there...just another Democrat-inspired kerfuffle.

As for Bush, there’s that word "liar" again...which was just about the only coherent word in your rant. I’m going to start calling you "Son of Fung." You’re just as likely to transit from rationality to Mooronism in the blink of an eye.

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