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Hinderaker on the next nomination

John Hinderaker reviews the prospects and predicts that the battle will be ugly, very ugly:

If President Bush nominates another strong conservative to replace O’Connor, the result will be the political equivalent of World War III. Liberal interest groups will face an existential crisis if they do not fight bitterly to keep the Court’s current ideological makeup. Win or lose, they have no choice but to make the effort to oppose Bush’s second nominee. And, unfortunately for Republicans, it appears likely that any conservative jurist whom Bush may appoint will give the Democrats more ammunition than John Roberts did. So be prepared for the ugliest, most bitter confirmation battle in a generation.

Read the whole thing.

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And, of course, Democrats didn’t object when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to replace Byron White, which foreseeably swung the Court to the left.

I think this quote speaks for itself on the hypocrisy of the left. Furthermore, Arlen Specter needs to be "called out" as a mouth piece for the DNC. (a wolf in sheep’s clothing) I am so sick of the comments that "it needs to be a woman." Nooooooo, it needs to be the person most qualified for the job. However, I just happen to think that the one most qualified IS a woman. Someone who currently sits on the 6TH circuit maybe?

Chimpy wants his home boy, Gonzalez. Take it to the bank!

God**&%$, who left the trapdoor to the DU sewer open...again! Whew, what a reek!

Whether they have the opportunity to save ammunition by holding fire on Roberts or not, they don’t seem to be trying. Team Left seems to be determined to oppose anyone Bush would nominate like the Japanese opposed the 1st Marine Division.

May they have the same ultimate success.

You are correct, sir.

The question is whether there are any Marines at the White House. Or enough.

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