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Winning in the District Court.

Update: Hugh Hewitt thinks this calls for nominating Michael McConnell to the Supreme Court. Eugene Volokh thinks this helps conservative Court nominees politically. Yup to both views.

Update #2: Here’s the opinion, which I haven’t yet had time to read.

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Hopefully the Supreme Court will overturn this instead of punting like they did last time.

The article says, "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God." Who is being coerced? If you don’t want to say ’under God’ then don’t say it. If anything this sort of ruling does more to prohibit the free exercise of religion than it does to establish one.

how dare you force your views on me, tkc.

Well, "Newdow," that’s exactly what "you" are trying to do via the courts...force the entire population to kowtow to your wishes to be "protected" from religion. If "you" have your way, none of our children will be allowed to say the Pledge.

Where is the demonstrable harm in saying "under God?" This is just another attempt to push religious from the public less competitor for the hearts and minds of the proletariat.

take it easy. i am not the real newdow.

Hence the "" around your name.

Dain: In #3 above you referred to "the entire population." This is quite sloppy Dain, so please define which population you are talking about. Thanks.

Oops...I’ve been censored!!!

Oh Invisible and Omnipotent Hand of NLT, how have I offended thee? Cast not away thy servant, but send the infidel into the netherrealms of cyberspace. Thou hast seen mine enemies mock me in the public places, and yet thou dost not strike them in turn. Stay thy wrath and allow thy servant his measure of defense.

Dain, this new attitude of your’s is kind of annoying. Where’s the old Dain we all knew and loved? The one not afraid to stand by glaringly out-of-touch viewpoints? Why are we being subjected to this new, nasty mudslinging Dain?

I would respond more adamantly, but the Great All-Knowing One who Lurketh in CyberSpace would cast my words into the Outer Void!

As for "glaringly-out-of-touch," who lost the 2000, 2002, and 2004 election? Who’s the new minority party? Cast the beam from thy own eye, sinner.

Those are some interesting Biblical allusions you’ve made, Dain. Is that all part of being a "scientific conservative?" So, do you or don’t you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and was resurrected??? Are you with us Dain or not???

Yes, I believe that some of the time. The rest of the time I have my doubts, and very occasionally I think it’s all nonsense. And that’s an honest answer. Nonetheless, I’m "with" Christian people in that I think Christianity is an essential part of the "West," and is in large part what makes the West unique (and better). Again, another honest answer.

Now, I hope you won’t mock me. It’s always dangerous giving honest answers on this blog (man, the snipers come out of the woodwork!).

What was censored? I hope it was not an attack on the fake newdow.

Why the hell do you keep posting this?

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