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Ted Rall makes an even nastier version of the argument I critiqued here: Because charities can’t foot the bill for Katrina recovery, and because some allegedly use charitable giving as a substitute for, and argument against, government action, we should stop giving to charities. It’s time, he says, to "starve the beast," by which he means "private charities used by the government to justify the abdication of its duties to its citizens."

I don’t know of anyone in the Bush Administration who thinks that charitable giving can completely substitute for government spending in dealing either with disasters or ordinary neediness, so this is a straw man. Charitable supplements to or (limited)replacements for government action (in this and other, more routine cases) offer some of the following advantages: efficiency (leveraging voluntary gifts of time, money, and expertise, and responding flexibly and less bureaucratically); reaching hard-to-reach populations, especially where there is a special cultural, religious, or ethnic connection or the organization is already present "on the ground" or "in the neighborhood"; promoting self-reliance, responsibility, and life-transformation by engaging swith "clients" over the long term; and, finally, avoiding "Leviathan" government, where isolated individuals depend upon and are subject a monolithic government. Clearly Rall doesn’t care about diversity, self-reliance, or independence, either in this case or in any other.

For more along these lines, go here.

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Quickly to the point.......

Ted Rall is a "S***head" and a promoter and advocate for dependency on a Democratic led "nanny-state".

Who thinks that my decision to give to religious charities that are involved relief efforts will in any way be influenced by the secularists. I have first hand knowledge of the good that they do. Some are more efficient than others, well then give to the most efficient.

Other than rallying the troops, this kind of commentary is largely self-serving and a total waste of time and paper - for both sides.

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